Requiem for the Ocean

Somebody shot the Ocean through the heart
She didn’t mean to but now
She is bleeding crude through the pipes
Everything is covered
Pelicans, fish smothered
Our seafood tastes horrid
Paradise is ruined.

Some men shot the ocean through the heart
Didn’t think it through
Didn’t care enough
Drilled baby drilled
Down into the deep.
Now the red states are painted brown .

Whose fault was it?
It was ignorance.
There was no plan B.
Wrong tools in the box.

Women didn’t plan this.
Women didn’t even try.
The oil was men’s business.
Now the Gulf coast has to die.

Somebody shot the ocean through the heart
Its just a taste of the bitters
Just a taste of the next fall
Many  species wiped out
Now men want to use the bomb.

Most women still  to meek
Most women hardly speak
Most women still don’t lead
In the meantime
Some men shot our Ocean through the heart.