I am back!

I am back!

Oh what a feeling! I have come home from the hospital about two weeks ago. It takes that much time to reconnect with yourself. In the hospital I was just a patient. I made some good connections with a couple of nurses and cleaning ladies. They saw my small grotto of the Lady of the Guadalupe, commented on it, ‘Oh she is my saint too” said one of the Rns.

Little-by-little the staff became aware that I am a Goddess worshipper. It takes one to know one. My six weeks in room 4492 crawled first, then suddenly it was almost done, and then it was.

I came away with very high opinions on some drugs, others I didn’t take, none of the so called narcotics. I tried them, but felt lobotomized next day.

The hip was fine. I could easily walk on my crutches. And late at night when things were quiet, I would walk the halls doing my laps before bed.

I started a new way to pray; now I just hum and sing, a tune comes in, then I make up words to fit it in. It soothes me better then the repetitious prayers I learned in my childhood.

My Bobbie grew a huge zucchini in the time I was away. We had it for supper twice.  I eat a lot of berries and cantaloupes, the cherry season has come and almost gone, but the huge Bing cherries from Washington are coming to the stores. My inner flora is restored almost. The six weeks twice a day antibiotic drip wiped out my apatite, and every living organism that wasn’t nailed down in my system.

The goddess answered my prayers about finding a private water place to strengthen my muscles.  Patricia was in the same room at the first hospital, where the surgeries are done. She offered me her ever-swim pool. I have never seen one in real life. I visited her last week, and wow! The ever-swim is huge, you swim against a current, and she had a hot tub right next to the pool. So I have somewhere to go, after I come home from my trip to Madison.

All-in-all the summer is here, I am working feverishly on three projects, thankful for the chance to walk again.

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Praises for the Working Woman

It’s very hard to find quoted material that praises the working woman. Let’s enrich this derth of literature by creating honest to goodness praises for different professions or generally working women.

For example, give praises to you for your job that you are doing well.

Women must lift each other up. Nobody is praising us if we don’t. Praises are like rain on the seed. Praises are psychic currency equal to gold. Look around and if you find it in literature, collect it for me please and bring it here … post it as a comment.

If you don’t find anything, sit yourself down, take a deep breath and praise a woman with an honest heart … “praises are beyond compliments.”

All women work! We are the glue of society. Where are the praises for our universal achievements?!!

Audio: How the Dianic Wicca University Works

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The Dianic Wicca University Online is a place for women of all ages to hone their skills and craft as witches- solitaries, circle priestesses, priestesses -in- training, maidens, mothers, crones, and amazons alike will find spiritual food for thought, activities, lessons, and a world of enchantment. Won’t you join us in sisterhood and self-discovery?

We’ve also made a video to show you how to use the Dianic Wicca Unviersity, making studying online with Z Budapest more vigina friendly.

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I am only 7 more days in the hospital before I get to go back home. Home! I miss it!!! Six weeks in the hospital was a long vacation from reality, but soon I am back in the swing of things.

I am very much looking forward to doing tarot readings again! Touching my sacred cards, smelling the sweet scent of amber oil and speaking with women in search of themselves. Blessed be!

My you enjoy sacredness today,

Full Moon over Oakland

I was lying in my bed watching the full moon rise over Oakland … what a luxury! I was singing her up inch-by-inch. Asking her for blessings on all my loved ones and me.

Once, when I was a child. I wished on the moon that everyday will be a full moon. I was so in love with her. She must have had a giggle. My love for her never diminished.

Ten more days to go in my hospital bed, but at least I’ve got the moon in my sight.

I’m a TV Junkie

In order to distract myself from my early morning antibiotic drip, I watch Desperate Housewives reruns back-to-back. DH used to fascinate me when they were new, mostly because of the fashions the women were wearing. Nobody looked like a housewife even in an  upper class neighborhood. So, it’s value is pure fantasy. The only character that has realistic lines to say or life to live is played by Felicity Hoffman. Who is the most believable.

Even in this fantasy setting, I can almost hear the writer’s jam sessions as they gestate and produce the character story lines. Which amuses me! I hear gay guys talking to each other; very similar voices as I heard in Sex in the City. Are these the same writers? Michael Cherrie is.

Among the reality shows, Wife Swap was a pleasant surprise. They pick very diverse women who go and live in each other’s houses for two weeks. The second week, the women get to set the rules and everyone must obey them. What I see the producers project to the audience is an expose … class differences cannot be crossed … the very rich and the very poor don’t mix at all, but the religious and the sports freaks, the messy and the tidy come to some common ground easier.

Underlying all these shows is a subtle male bashing. Most husbands are portrayed as insensitive, lazy, often fat and disgusting. In addition to that we have, Family Guy, American Dad and The Simpsons replayed the same theme . The wives always forgiving and loving them for no sane reason.

All these shows are directed to female audiences; a subtle venting of female rage by getting entertained with this shared understanding. For women who are not filled with unexpressed rage, but yearn for some entertainment without putting someone down … there is nothing on TV for them to watch … maybe the Animal Planet?!

Male bashing pays!