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Living in the countryside flanked with raspberries and chives, scented air from the strawberries, as a few red tomatoes roll off the truck ahead of me as I drive. I have never lived in a small town, except for summers a week at a time. Now I live in “old town” where nobody leaves their houses much and the traffic is thin like our hair.

I used to miss Oakland; as I once missed L.A., as I once missed Long Island and Manhattan. Vienna. Innsbruck. And as I always miss Budapest.

I miss my magical circles with my friends. I have no girl friends here to help me shop, hang out, and watch the stupid TV shows.

Book reading is slipping away. I used to read a book a week. Now I leaf through books. I’m impatient, my attention span has shrunk like my sweaters.

And now I miss blogging. Don’t really know how to load it up. I need a nerd to guide me.

I feel there is a rise in the hunger for Women’s Spirituality again. When the political climate turns on women, led by old impotent angry males we witches must rise to the occasion.

Times are the worst I have ever seen for heterosexual women who need to see doctors for many reasons. Abortion is one. Seven states have closed their clinics for women. The last Texas clinic closed again.

The South is armed and dangerous, men showing off their weapons, waiting to be challenged. They kill black boys just to be able to use their second amendment rights.

When men own a basement full of weapons, you know they want to play (fetish) with them; shoot them for real, not just look at them.

Women are abused and forced to be mothers, only to be abandoned after the birth of the child. Many commit suicide. Many abort on their own and die. Strong men of national sports beat their wives and fiancées unconscious, lie about it until the electronic eye that is everywhere captures the scene. Then we are all aghast. Really all?

We are Not living in a democracy, nor in a civilization. This nation shames mothers. You who shame women … you shame your own origins. You who dehumanize women … you have dehumanized yourself because its she who put you together cell-by-cell, you ungrateful child.

Civilization is when there is a communal agreement to be civil. The streets must be safe for women and children, ours are not. Haven’t been a long time. USA has slipped into a state of being a third world country.

I wish pagans could coalesce around some human rights issues. Or ecology issues. Protecting the Goddess and her children should be number one. We should speak up about the name of ISIS. Our gracious Goddess name should not be used wrongly to name terrorists. ISEL is the real name. Not ISIS. Learn it Rachael Maddow!

I perform political spells on occasion. Its no secret. This last Goddess Festival we hexed war.

“Let war die!” We pleaded with the Mother of All. Let war die. Let the lust for war wane. Let the communal spirit see how wars are obsolete.

Let the people understand that wars only generate new wars. New wars perpetuate male rule. Wars are business for the few. Death for the many.

They are heartbreak for the mothers on both sides. All wars are against women. Rape is a perk of wars. Then after wars the perks remain as a normal right of males. Women must protest loudly. This is not a time of passivity.

Hellenism had a lot of rapes in their mythology. Zeus doesn’t  seem to get laid any other way but rape and trickery. Takes on shapes like golden showers, a bull, mist, and even the image of a beloved woman  to fool a reluctant lesbian Goddess such as Artemis. Zeus has no children by Hera his “wife.”

The lesson is that the gods come and go. Gods are made up by people, and often it is those same people who profit from their creation.

Elder and originator Z Budapest’s official statement to the Dianic Community

Women's Spirituality Forum

Elder and originator Z Budapest’s official statement to the Dianic Community

Dear sisters!

Ruth Barrett is heartbroken, because she feels I lied to her about the ordination of Claudiney Prieto. I admit I was concerned about her and her power of stirring up a wild bitching fest on the social media against me. Which is what happened. So I told her what was true, but not the entire story.

I have honored Claudiney Prieto in Brazil where he represents the rebirth of Wicca. He indeed received the sacred silk Kata, due to a priest of the Goddess, my most official blessing and his Dianic name which he chose. When I do create an ordination for women, the person to be ordained is LIFTED UP by women, off the ground and turned slowly around as I present them to the four corners of Universe while praying over them. Claudiney was NOT lifted up. Not presented to the four corners. He was NOT ordained into Women’s Mysteries.

Instead of giving him his magical tools, the necklace, the ring and the wand, he got a white scarf. The Kata. I used the red cord, symbol of the bloodline, around his throat to strengthen his voice for the Goddess, and around his hands to bless his deeds with success.

This was a different ordination, meant to be for a Kouretes of the Goddess, a legitimate male Dianic tradition, written up in the Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries (see Chapter 5: The Sacred Sons). Its as orthodox as anything else, I have broken no Dianic rules. We just never found any male who deserved such a distinction. Not that I was actually looking for the first Kouretes.

These are my reasons for his recognition. Claudiney, for the past ten years, celebrated the Goddess with as many of her aspects as possible annually. I witnessed the Isis gathering. He researched the Isis worship, got words translated and some chants left in Egyptian; the story of Isis bringing Horus back to life. Men dressed in white togas, and women too wearing Isisian jewelry while kyphi  incense burned and everybody sang in ancient Egyptian. I was deeply moved.

Claudiney has written and published 13 books about the Goddess and Wicca. He carries other ordinations, as he is recognized already by the Fellowship of Isis. Eleven years ago he formed his own tradition establishing  the Dianic Nemorensis Tradition. He received my Kouretes ordination gratefully, but didn’t need it as he is already accomplished in his deep devotion to the Goddess.

I wanted to spread Women’s Mysteries to Brazil, the largest country in South America. Claudiney was perfect to be a brother for us there. He is true of heart, learned in skills, and is deeply loving towards women. His own mother was present at all celebrations, proud.

Ruth Barrett is my second daughter ordained. I have no problem with her staying separatist because that is not at stake. Women’s Mysteries may hopefully spring up now in Brazil after seeding it with my workshop. Claudiney will encourage it to have safe space to grow up in. I don’t know when this may happen, but I hope its in my lifetime.

Discord is unpleasant, but it usually brings growth.

Blessed Be,
Zsuzsanna Budapest

dividers4August 18, 2014


Members of the Dianic Tradition in the Zsuzsanna Budapest Lineage

Today Zsuzsanna Budapest announced that she was prepared to amend her previous press release from August 13, 2014 based on a shared understanding of all events, and given appropriate time to formulate descriptions of these events and to respond to the misinformation spread on social media. We support her decision to take a step back from the flurry of disinformation being spread while she did what any Elder should do, which is to listen to her community, ultimately document the truth and explain its ramifications.

On August 10, 2014 Zsuzsanna Budapest honored Claudiney Prieto of Brazil with a ritualized blessing awarding him the esteemed honor of being the first male Kouretes ordained by her within her Dianic tradition. We recognize his ordination into the the Z Budapest Dianic lineage as a Kouretes, and his right to claim it. We recognize that his ordination as a Kouretes has no place in our Women’s Mysteries, and we understand that Claudiney holds Women’s Mysteries as a sacred female-born aspect of the Dianic tradition.

The foundation of our Dianic tradition is female-centered, but as explained in the Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries Chapter 5 – Sacred Sons, “Sons of the mothers in Goddess-worship became Kouretes, members of the Goddess-serving priesthood.

Since the inception of this tradition and in its revival by Zsuzsanna Budapest in the 1970’s, there has been a place for male priesthood. Until now, Z Budapest has not found any male worthy of a Kouretes ordination.

For clarification on the role of the Kouretes within the Dianic tradition, we point to the Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries by Z Budapest, upon which all Dianics in the Z Budapest lineage have built their foundations. Here are quotes from Chapter 5:

     “Kouretes were sons saved by the Goddess, becoming Her helpers to save the rest. They, as protectors and teachers of the young, constitute the Sacred Priesthood of the Mother Goddess.”

     “Kouretes is a role model for matriarchal manhood.”
     “Dianic tradition is one of teaching, and from early times on we taught both sexes of the young. In our manifesto we mean that we are not averse to teaching parts of the usual craft curriculum to men, such as medicinal herbology, because more healers means that we are all better off. Philosophy is another craft that we would definitely teach both sexes, since if there are more thinkers, there are more ideas. Dances, sports and songs are other ways to spread Goddess consciousness without divulging Women’s Mysteries to men.”

On August 17, 2014 Ruth Barrett under the auspices of the Temple of Diana Board of Directors issued a press release which came after Z Budapest had privately requested that she and other members of this Tradition present at the International Goddess Festival (Sept. 5-7) to discuss the recent events in Brazil openly as a community without malice and without prejudice. It was Z’s intent to answer any and all questions posed.

Contrary to Ruth’s statements, the actions of Z Budapest are completely aligned with the Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries that is the foundation of this Dianic tradition. Claudiney Prieto, in his gratitude and enthusiasm made the announcement on social media before Z was able to return to North America and digest what Spirit had moved her to do for this man as a direct result of all his good works. Z partially responded on social media after 48 hours of travel with the hope that such an announcement would be met with joy and acceptance. Instead, it was disappointing to find that many had misunderstood her intentions and felt that she had betrayed the tradition. Hence, Z chose to take a step back in order not to exacerbate any miscommunications while she recovered from a brief illness from her travels.

It is our hope that Ruth and any other Dianics who are part of our Dianic  lineage will avail themselves of the outcome of this announcement and our communal discussions without perpetuating any malice directed towards Z Budapest or Claudiney Prieto.

The Women’s Spirituality Forum, Inc. and the Susan B. Anthony Coven No.1,  the current members and the original members of the coven stand in support of Z Budapest’s ordination of Claudiney Prieto as a rightful Kouretes in this Dianic tradition. We stand firmly in support of Z Budapest as this tradition’s Elder and support her right to ordain a Kouretes, as we know it has absolutely no baring on any male involvement in Women’s Mysteries, nor will it ever as Women’s Mysteries are an exclusively female-born aspect of this tradition. The Susan B. Anthony Coven No.1 will continue its work with Women’s Mysteries under the standard of the Manifesto of the Susan B. Anthony Coven No.1.

Moreover, we respect Z’s right as the High Priestess of the Dianic tradition to slow down the spread of disinformation and misinformation until such time as she deemed appropriate to deliver an accurate and detailed public message.

We continue to support the tenants of the Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries and all of Z’s teachings through her 50 years of service to the Goddess and Her women.

Board of Directors of the Women’s Spirituality Forum, Inc.
Members of the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1


The Women’s Spirituality Forum, Inc. is the nonprofit 501 (c) 3 organization founded by Zsuzsanna Budapest to help promote the Goddess’ sacred work and is an inspiring a shift to live on Earth in ways that honor the web of life, each other and future generations. As a 501(C)3 non-profit, we provide spirituality-based education and social connectivity through the Goddess College, global conferences and festivals, and our expanding feminist-centric programs, including: The Goddess Magazine: Nature & Goddess radio series and Goddess Magazine publication; Women’s Spirituality Forum Publisher’s book series and online store; television/film programs and a vast online community and presence. We act as a key source for the media and our materials are used by colleges, schools and organizations. We conduct essential programs involving Women’s Leadership, Women’s Spirituality, and Feminism. The Dianic tradition is a feminist, Goddess and female-centered, earth-based denomination of an ancient  religion which was revived by Zsuzsanna Budapest in the early 1970’s as a denomination of Wiccan religion.

Press Contact: Marie Bargas
Mobile Phone: 818.209.1125


Venice Beach News

Z Budapest in the News in Venice Beach

Making headlines again in Southern California and recounting herstorical moments from the last 50 years. Thank you Venice Beach, your place in my heart is forever sacred.

Venice Beach Head
Venice Beach Head: Feminist Witch Who fights Back!

See the article online:

Z Budapest website:

Press Release: Zsuzsanna Budapest Blesses Claudiney Prieto

Women's Spirituality Forum

Press Contact:
Marie Bargas
Mobile Phone:

For Immediate Release:

Celebrated Author, Psychic, Witch and Founder of the Dianic Tradition Zsuzsanna Budapest Awards Brazilian High Priest, Claudiney Prieto with Blessing

     Santa Cruz, CA, August 11, 2014.  In a decisive move that nullifies the recent accusations of misandry towards her and her Dianic Tradition, Zsuzsanna Budapest has awarded a man, Brazil’s own Claudiney Prieto with a blessing for the work he does within his own Nemorensis Dianic Tradition, while the Dianic Tradition in Budapest’s lineage remains for female-born women and girls.

     As the attacks on feminism continue to grow especially on social media through blogs, Facebook and more, Budapest remains a decidedly a staunch supporter of the “old guard” who championed women’s rights in the 70’s, a feminist Witch, and the doting mother of two sons and a beloved grandson. But as feminists and feminists bloggers maintain all across the country, feminism is not about hating men, but against patriarchy and the “old boys club” that oppresses and seeks to control women’s personal freedoms.

As Z Budapest wrote on her Facebook profile last week:

     “Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna … All these names mean the same thing … Holy Mother. As women relate to many aspects of the Great Mother, we can expand into all these Goddesses and practice, and include Women’s Mysteries within it.

     I was greatly impressed by Claudiney Prieto in Brazil, who has successfully nurtured an Isis revival. I have blessed him to be a Priest of Isis, which he already is. I saw what he has done and I think he serves the Goddess with his personal leadership. Everybody loves the man. He is dynamite in circle. Such a man with ten years of experience richly deserves the blessing. Both sexes are part of the rituals and sacred plays and always have been. This fits us well. I connect with this because I am also a play write. The original Isis plays have all been translated. It will be great fun creating a religious experience within the medium of theater for this community.

     I thought for the 21st century we should expand into the veneration of Isis, retaining our special women’s space of course. Claudiney respects women’s space even as High Priest. He wouldn’t even think of entering the Women’s Mysteries.

     Although Budapest has embraced Claudiney Prieto for his veneration of the Goddess Isis; she has not abandoned the tenets of her Dianic Tradition that she and so many of her community hold dear. For Budapest and the Dianic tradition, this means that males will continue to be excluded from her rituals of Women’s Mysteries designed for female-born women; this includes the uterine Blood Mysteries.  

Prieto continues to respect the Blood Mysteries. 

    “Even believing that it is time to put an end to this separatism, to let people decide by themselves if they want to gather in groups of women-born only or in mixed ones, granting them the right to call themselves Dianic because Goddess is the center of their worship; I defended Z before Pagans who have several reservations about her because I really understand and respect her restrictions about this issue. This blessing could be the beginning to building dialog, a bridge between the genders.

     Response from the Pagan community as a whole has been supportive towards Budapest’s blessing of Prieto and both variations of Dianism.

     His response, “Our origins are in our own Dianic Tradition, we call ourselves by the name Nemorensis Dianic Tradition. We are Dianics, but we don’t descend from Z’s lineage, we never claimed to and we will never claim it.

      I understand what Z did was just a blessing to me and I have no intention to claim her Dianic lineage or to be part or put men in women-only circles that are sacred to woman-born only.


     Budapest went to Brazil as an honored guest speaker for Prieto’s Conference of Wicca and Goddess Spirituality held in San Paulo, Brazil in August 2014. This year the Goddess being venerated was Isis. Budapest was so moved by this veneration by Prieto and his community, that she bestowed an impromptu blessing on him. As Prieto put it, “A historical, unique and very emotive moment.

     Although there was some initial confusion about the blessing, it was clarified that he was awarded by her as an honoring of his work with the Goddess. His response, “Thank you Zsuzsanna Budapest for all your efforts to maintain the Goddess Religion alive and thank you for choosing me to be the first male to receive this blessing by you. This is an honor to me. I honor you. Blessed Be!

      Budapest honored Prieto and bound him as a priest to the Goddess within the constructs of Prieto’s own Nemorensis Dianic Tradition and not her own Dianic Tradition, which is women-born only. It was a beautiful gift from one Dianic Tradition to another, and cherished by both as they each continue to serve their own diverse spiritual communities.

      Z Budapest is the foremother of the Dianic Tradition ( having been the first to rebirth it from antiquity. Women began to describe Z’s lineage as Feminist Dianic, Feminist Wicca or Dianic Wicca in an effort to honor and maintain sacred space for Women’s Mysteries.

      Claudiney Prieto is the founder of the Dianic Nemorensis Tradition. (  He is a best known as a pagan writer in Brazil and Latin America with 13 books published to his name.

Z Budapest Blog (
Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 (
Dianic Wicca (

Z Budapest Blessing Prieto
Z Budapest Blessing Claudiney Prieto

Girl Goddess Contest

Girl Goddess Contest

The women of Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 are excited to sponsor a new contest that illuminates the unique power of Women’s Mysteries and honors the sacred bond between maiden and mother. Every time mothers and daughters dance and sing under the stars and honor the Goddess in each other, we see the woman-bond strengthened and female relationships celebrated!

Send your photo and short essay of up to 500 words describing how celebrating Women’s Mysteries has strengthened your relationship with the daughter/grand-daughter/special young girl in your life to: Qualified entries will be posted as tagged photos to the official Goddess Festival Facebook page. You, your friends, and family can vote for the Top 3 finalists by sharing and clicking “Like” until midnight July 15, 2014. Z Budapest will then select the 1st place winners, who will be our special guests at the 2014 International Goddess Festival!

• 1st Place: Mother/Daughter attend the Goddess Festival FREE!
• 2nd and 3rd Place Runners up: $250 off Mother/Daughter Registration
• All entrants: $50 off Mother/Daughter registration

Prize discounts are taken off the standard Mother/Daughter all-inclusive cabin package ($500 Mother + $250 Daughter – must be under age 18). Prizes do not include travel expenses and all entrants must qualify for participation in the Goddess Festival. Prizes are not transferrable and may not be applied to previously purchased tickets (although previously purchased tickets may be transferred to other qualified participants). By submitting your photo and essay for consideration, you agree that you are the author and have necessary rights to grant the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1, Women’s Spirituality Forum, and Goddess Festival permission to use, reproduce, display, and transmit all submitted content and images so that your thoughtful insights may inspire other women. For full terms and conditions, visit: To learn more about the Goddess Festival, visit

Girl Goddess Contest! You are a mama? You got a girl in your care? Bring it on at the camp! We’ve got a zipline. We’ve got a swimming pool. We’ve got ancient trees. We got a magical program, etc. Bring her dress up stuff and strut it.

Goddess Festival

goddess festival 2014

Health, Wealth & Wisdom: Empowering Women, Cultivating Sisterhood


Sept. 5-7, 2014

Join us for a blissful weekend filled with magic, sisterhood, and deep connection to the rhythms of the Earth! Once again, we gather together in the coastal redwoods of California among the enchanted energies of Mother Nature to honor the Goddess, ourselves, and one another.

For three days we live together in this sacred setting, partaking of powerful workshops, rituals, singing, drumming, dancing, and the dynamic vitality of female-focused intentional community.

Guided by world renowned Priestesses and leaders, you can learn to identify and use herbs, hone your skills in the ancient Amazon art of archery, contribute your voice as we pass the rattle, develop ritual skills, empower yourself through the sacred archetypes of women, and much, much more.

Each day we offer a variety of workshops and opportunities for learning.  Choose to attend as few or as many as you like, or simply relax—swim in the pool, hike through the woods, listen to the music, enter into deep discussion, shop with our hand-selected vendors, or just sit quietly and meditate in this sacred space.

Evenings are reserved for us to come together in the Gaia Bowl, our sacred ritual space of “Fire & Light.” It is here that we call to the Goddess and weave our magic; honor and invoke our Foremothers; hold Initiation and Ordination rituals; and drum, dance, and sing our prayers—for ourselves and the Earth!

All of nature is just a step outside your cabin door. All meals are prepared for us—there is no work duty, no food to cook, no dishes to do. Your only responsibility is to come with an open heart and open mind, find connection through Sisterhood, and share your energies in this movement for social change.

Come and meet us Between the Worlds, outside of mundane space and time, to find rejuvenation and renewed purpose!

New Year Tarot Reading Special

goddess festivalOnce a year I offer a sliding scale for my tarot readings. This is the time of year to get a reading with me. It’s a time of setting new intentions and letting go of the old. 

One session with me will give you guidance and insight into the past, present and future. 

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Practical Mysticism

Practical Mysticism with Dr. Z Budapest, a master class on leadership, deepening circle skills and ethics.

For details and registration go to:

In the Red Crone’s Temple of Women’s Mysteries we deep dive into practices that open us to the inherent source of vast wisdom within. We connect with the bliss of devotion and with the Spirit in our hearts, utterly wild and free. We align with the dignity and grace of the feminine warrior, and we touch infinite compassion, silence and beauty beyond measure.

The basis for all spiritual exploration in our Women’s Temple group is the insight of that which we long for… is who we already are. Thus our practice is not towards a goal of attainment in the future, it is a process of melting, of unraveling the wisdom and beauty already inherent in each woman. And there is no more powerful place to do that then in a circle of conscious women.

We do it together. And together we evoke real awakening, transformation that lasts — Goddess spiritual practice becomes a life style. We all contribute in co-creating an aura of the Great Mother, which again provides each sister with a powerful transmission of grace and awakening. It holds us as we dive deeper into the essence and pure beauty of who we are.

In the Women’s Red Culture we talk, we eat, we dance, we pray, we melt with our innermost beauty and with each other, as we tap into authentic spiritual connection.

Instead of enforcing the status quo by focusing on our problems and personal shortcomings, this Women’s Temple group practices connect us with truth beyond our fears and limited self-images.

The Red Crone’s Temple of Women’s Mysteries is a space where we come to mirror, celebrate and empower each other. A space where we can drop our masks, and let the beauty of our authentic face be seen in all its glory, pain, passion and vulnerability.

In this training, you will learn the art of Womanist Leadership and all the how-to’s of facilitating an ongoing Women’s Temple group. You will gain insights into the background theory of women’s group dynamics as well as have the opportunity to practice Womanist Leadership and to receive constructive feedback.

The principles of Feminist Leadership can be applied to all areas of life; so even if you are not sure if you want to lead a group, this training will benefit you. You will have an in-depth experience of the ground breaking Wise Women approach and of the benefits of being part of a Women’s Temple group.

Topics we will cover include:

  • How to set and communicate the right intention for the group.
  • How to create a safe and deep framework for the group.
  • How to honor the flow of the group as well as keeping the focus and depth.
  • The being/doing dynamic of Feminist Leadership.
  • Pitfalls of Women’s groups.
  • In depth study and background theory of Women’s Mysteries and much, much more.

The learning process is a carefully balanced mix of theory and experiential transformation.

Many of the practices are dynamic and interactive (e.g dance, dyads, respectful touch), but we will also spend time in silence and inner contemplation.

You will leave the training with a plan for creating your own group, or if you already are part of one, you will bring back ideas of how you can deepen your practice together. It is even wonderful to come as a group, as the training will give you a common ground of understanding for what you will create together.

This training is for Women:

  • Feeling called to awaken and embody Feminist brilliance, for real.
  • Wanting to explore Feminist Leadership and learn the art of leading a Women’s Temple Group.
  • Who want to rejuvenate and have a deep dive into Feminist spiritual practices.
  • You will gather an abundance of tools and insights into what Woman’s Spirituality is while reconnecting with the softness and radiant glow of your whole body and being.

You will leave this Training with:

  • Total revitalization of body, mind, and heart.
  • Deepened intimacy with all that is sacred, within and around you.
  • A clear connection to your own feminine essence and inner guidance.
  • An empowered understanding of how to live Goddess Leadership in all aspects of life.
  • An undeniable sense of being connected with all things.
  • A deeper sense of purpose in work, relationship, and life.
  • Inner peace, self-acceptance, and compassion for yourself and others.
  • Skills to start and sustain a Women’s Temple group.
  • A firmly claimed seat in a both global and timeless circle of conscious women.

The training is facilitated by Dr. Zsuzsanna Budapest, founder of the Women’s Spirituality Movement, and some sessions will include leadership by members of the Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One team.

Location is in Santa Cruz County and details are given after registration. Limited to 20 in-person attendees. Online attendees unlimted.

Susan B. Anthony Coven Turns 41

We are celebrating the 41st Anniversary of the birth of Women’s Religion, or as it used to be known Women’s Spirituality. PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW.

41 years ago six of us from the Women’s Center in L.A. realized that without our moral authority as women, without our own culture which must include spirituality, women cannot build a future for ourselves and our children.

On December 21st, we gathered in my apartment on Whitley Hill, just a few blocks from Hollywood Blvd, decided to hold the Yule celebration, as the first sabbath as Feminist Witches. We celebrated the Goddess of the Sun, known by many names: Lucina in Europe, Virgin of Guadalupe in the Americas, meaning she who brings light and enlightenment. This Women’s Movement is now Global.

Thank you for your years of support and encouragement to the Women’s Spirituality Movement, and for the future support for ourselves, our sisters and daughters. The GODDESS IS ALIVE and blessing us everyday, as we bless each other. Thank you for helping to keep the Goddess in the forefront of women’s issues. Thank you for helping to fund the events the Women’s Spirituality Forum hosts for women world-wide. Happy Birthday Susan B. Anthony Coven No.1!!!