Refighting the Cultural Wars Against Women

Neptune comes around every 40 years, bringing with it a kind of rerun of history. When I was young, last time Neptune came around we fought for Women’s Liberation, the right to have rock and roll and fun, women’s rights to orgasms, equal pay for equal work which still is  not realized. We fought for all people’s rights to freedom. Just like today the Arab countries finally have their revolution, first time ever. May they succeed.

In 1973, we won the right to our own bodies, abortion rights. We won the right to be paid for work earlier in the century with the suffragists. They have also won for us all the right to vote. Yes, it has not been to long since these achievements happened.

The billionaire Koch brothers, decided they want to call the shots in politics. It must be to boring to be so rich. Nothing to do, but count your money. They have inherited their wealth, but now they have inspirations to destroy all that Neptune gave us the imagination and energy to create. All it takes is unlimited budget to take us down, and they can rally the groups against women any time.

Vote in the political pretenders, under false pretenses.

Once they got into power the true colors came out. The Koch brothers lapdogs are not serving the country, but their keepers … the billionaires.

Amongst Republicans there are many eager takers. Their voter base hates women, and our rights to our bodies. They hate gays who are suspected to have more fun then their opponents. They hate giving  equal rights with straights, and just on the whole they think and believe  they actually own God. Yes the big guy. Yes. Up above.

The Koch brothers think they bought God already years ago; no problem.

So the program unfolds quickly.

Wisconsin Governor wants to kill the unions. He has aspirations to be the first and calls to his newly minted GOPHERs to follow suit. Killing the unions would mean an end to the fair pay they receive now. Taking away their right to negotiate would mean more wealth to the billionaires. (May they choke on their ill gotten money and drop dead in their golden gilded baths.)

But Neptune is here again. We get to re-imagine everything.

Women are in huge numbers now, with jobs, and more of us are coming out of the universities, collages, and they are young and strong. We won’t go back to pregnant and barefoot. We use our votes more wisely next time. We have to turn out in the great numbers that we have. Gender solidarity got us this far, now we need to close ranks with unions, and stay awake when the lull sets in after we won abortion rights, most women activists simply went home.

The lull always comes with a price tag.

When there’s a slow drum roll against women’s rights, do not ignore it. A group of republican women engaged in career building instead of serving the public, protest them, march on them, don’t hold back just because they are women. Women are more dangerous to other women because they act like men with lipstick on. And we still want to play sisterhood with them. Give that up as an illusion.

It’s going to be a hard ride!

Billionaires with their corrupt, paid officials want to undo America. They want more wealth. How many billions is enough?

It’s time to take this opportunity and Neptune’s vibrations, and create a new America.

My solution: Tax the rich and tax the church. Now we have fixed the money problem.

Legalize pot and treat all drugs like legal alcohol. Collect taxes from that. Now we have surplus.

Upgrade our schools. Free education for all. Medicare for all. Paid for by the new taxes. Join the 21st century. Happy women and children everywhere.

To do this takes spiritual common sense, trying out something new.

Life is to short. Why not? Everything else had been done.