America and her spin doctors

How the major religions have failed to civilize the men.

When it comes to the elections there is a lot of power and money at stake. Our money and our power, and the people’s airwaves are filled with calculated spin doctor’s lies. Isn’t lying against everybody’s religions? But not in the USA. Lying is the Religion. Lying is politics; getting more seats in the congress. Blocking progress the people so need. Pushing our country below that of third world countries in education, health care, and civil rights of women.

Who are the spin doctors?

They are the educated writers with money on their mind. I call them “writer whores.”  Lies for cheating the people with fictitious information. Lies about the candidates. Lies and made up stats. These writing whores are never out of a job. They breed the poison of unqualified people in power. Unfit to run even a self-help gas station. These selected men and women are trained like dogs in a circus to say and yell about issues that make people angry.

America loves being angry. Having something new to fret about, and fear. We are eating fear daily in huge gobbles. Fear and lies are what makes this country sheepish. Not great. We are trained to vote against our own interests. We vote against our own people. Keep them poor, needy and angry, that’s the ticket.

Who are the real spin meisters?

An Australian naturalized citizen, Rupert Murdock. Rupert is so ugly he is rarely seen, but he owns your media; most of the newspapers in the country. And he owns radio stations, featuring the whores like Rush Limbaugh.  He owns FOX NEWS, along with an Arab guy Ali. This network pays their liars well. When they pen the tract of a book, it’s echoed amongst all the properties of Murdock; you hear about it until your ears bleed. Ann Coulter is a good example. Horrible boring writer, yet a best seller? Hardly. And Murdock’s wife’s advice … What do you hate? Write about what you hate.

Usually the common belief is to write about what you know and love, but Rupert and Ali have changed all that. They don’t just want to be billionaires with the tax cuts, they want to rule the country. They want to sit on an invisible throne. They want to eat Democracy for breakfast.

Americans who secretly only respect money go along.  And all the religions with their lofty ideals made no dent into this mess.  When men rule what’s moral, they make whores of everybody.

Ps. I apologize to the real whores, who are in no way part of this darkness.