Susan B. Anthony Coven Turns 41

We are celebrating the 41st Anniversary of the birth of Women’s Religion, or as it used to be known Women’s Spirituality. PLEASE CLICK THE LINK BELOW.

41 years ago six of us from the Women’s Center in L.A. realized that without our moral authority as women, without our own culture which must include spirituality, women cannot build a future for ourselves and our children.

On December 21st, we gathered in my apartment on Whitley Hill, just a few blocks from Hollywood Blvd, decided to hold the Yule celebration, as the first sabbath as Feminist Witches. We celebrated the Goddess of the Sun, known by many names: Lucina in Europe, Virgin of Guadalupe in the Americas, meaning she who brings light and enlightenment. This Women’s Movement is now Global.

Thank you for your years of support and encouragement to the Women’s Spirituality Movement, and for the future support for ourselves, our sisters and daughters. The GODDESS IS ALIVE and blessing us everyday, as we bless each other. Thank you for helping to keep the Goddess in the forefront of women’s issues. Thank you for helping to fund the events the Women’s Spirituality Forum hosts for women world-wide. Happy Birthday Susan B. Anthony Coven No.1!!!