The Aquarian Age … so far

The Aquarian Age … so far (good by 2010)

We are a good halfway into the Age of Aquarius, started in 1962 and will go a hefty 179 years long, when all new things are possible; new inventions will turn our culture around. The question is, do you enjoy your lives more?

What I see is that indeed the Aquarian age has come and made us all pay attention to other humans. Not made up humans, but reality show kind of humans, even better, reality itself with the real humans in it.

We are so interested in what humans do, we don’t care if they are shown to us peeing in the bathroom, passing gas, or take a dump. These images were normally considered off color, but in this intense “reality curiosity”, we do get the bottom line.

Reality TV has pushed out the normal fare of sitcoms. Hollywood settled into a comfortable rerun of the most ancient shows, to avoid making new shows … they run Leave it Beaver and Car 54 where are you?I Love Lucy; but Lucy is immortal.

The most spectacular money saving show they rerun again is the sugary Lawrence Welk Show. Lawrence Welk shows are on all day somewhere in the world. I mention the Lawrence Welk show because this was the very first TV show I had ever seen back when I was seventeen living in Austria.

My girlfriend and I took two streetcars to get to the friends home with a TV. There we watched with baited breath the polkas and the bouncy skirts on the dancers. I thought, my god, this is America! They seem so happy! It’s all about bubbles and singing sweetly. I want to be part of that.

Today we have revenge shows, all the CSI serials … Dick Wolf is running his shows against himself on parallel stations.

All of them are about the crime solving. They all say to women, don’t worry, they may rape and kill you but when you are dead, we treat you real nice, clean you up, talk to you softly, weigh your heart, your liver, and discuss your mode of death with each other for an hour. Then find somebody we can punish for your death. That’s right … don’t worry women. We get revenge; justice for you.

The problem for me is that revenge doesn’t stop criminals killing innocents. Women still disappear; little girls vanish from playgrounds or from their own homes. There is always another Amber alert.

Murdering women is now normative. Religions didn’t make a dent into this at all. In fact some religions, Whahabists, advise the males to hit the women, to make them obey. If they are tired of this free servant, get a younger one. Males pay each other off with women as if we were objects to trade. Debts are paid this way; promotions are bought with little girls lives.

This is on my mind because  I  have just signed a petition to stop “Corrective rapes” in South Africa, where they rape lesbians to ”show them” a good time; to flip them. After the brutal rape they will now like men? No. It’s just another excuse to violate a woman.

The other problem is that there is no prevention, no thought is wasted on the root of the rapist culture, and why beautiful accomplished women get killed by jealous inferior often mentally ill males because they can. Other males sell women to each other, little girls for sex slavery, because pedophiles somehow have a lot of money. They can pay for it.

So peace on Earth and good will towards women, that would be nice.

Peace on earth, everybody go home and stay there. No more invasions of other countries. No more barrelful of taxes money uncounted, rolled out of secret vaults, men distributing it amongst themselves for war. No more blood money.

No more resenting women who gave life to god.

As Sojourner Truth said, Where does your god come from? Where does your Christ come from? From God and a woman, men had nothing to do with it.

Happy Winter Solstice!