Teleseminar with Z Budapest and Susun Weed

Manifesting the Goddess in YOU
Teleseminar with Z Budapest and Susun Weed
March 19th, 2012 – 9:15pm ESTRegister Now for this complimentary Teleseminar


Focus the intentions in your life towards creating a better world. Make your dreams and aspirations a reality. It is possible!

If you know where you come from, you know where you’re going. It’s crucial to our divine past. Self-esteem cannot be tended without knowledge of our divine past.

Join Z Budapest for this free teleseminar as she discusses claiming your divine spiritual origin as a woman and clearing the obstacles from your Goddess path.

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Interested in diving even deeper? Join Z Budapest at the Wise Woman Center

May 25th – May 27th, 2012 – Manifesting the Goddess Intensive with Z Budapest


Learn from two Goddess wisdom grandmothers, one in the flesh and one in the spirit, the Secrets to Manifesting the Goddess in YOU… and create your own Goddess Lifestyle.

Focus the intentions in your life towards creating a better world. Make your dreams and aspirations a reality. It is possible!

Think you need more time, more money, more skills to create what you truly desire? Go deeper with Dr. Z! See that your true potential isn’t rooted in those mundane tokens, but within your inner-Goddess.


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Dr. Z Budapest will facilitate your journey towards manifesting your most important plans and

dreams, clear obstacles from your path and tapping your own Goddess reservoir of limitless spiritual possibilities. Embrace your inner Goddess and experience a more complete life filled with experiences from your own true abundant nature.

Dr. Merlin Stone will reach out to you from the other side of spirit’s existence. Our foremother, Merlin Stone, has not left us. Her memory lives in the Wise Women Center’s land where she used to teach. She will be able to open our deep minds and hearts to the treasures of our glorious past as women. Merlin’s spirit lives in each of us!

If you know where you come from, you know where you’re going. It’s crucial to our divine past. Self-esteem cannot be tended without knowledge of our divine past.

Clear the obstacles from your Goddess path.

Shift yourself into a space of true love, divine Goddess source and your soul’s inner calling… Join us Goddess!

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Zsuzsanna “Z” Budapest, D.Min (h.c.), is the founding mother of the Women’s Spirituality Movement. Z founded the Goddess College, an online school for the Dianic tradition and Goddess studies for women.

She authored nine books embracing spirituality; including The Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries, Grandmother Moon, Celestial Wisdom and Summoning the Fates. She has appeared on several TV shows and documentaries, as well as hosting her own show, 13th Heaven.

Through her non-profit organization, Women’s Spirituality Forum, Z’s vision for the future is that of peace and abundance, expressed in female values, to dominate the world’s consciousness.

A Religion of Her Own

A happy and prosperous springtime to you! This is our annual fundraiser letter for the Women’s Spirituality Forum.Let’s talk about the origins of March 8th our big internationally acknowledged Holyday of Women on Earth; International Women’s Day.

In 1857, the garment and textile workers of the United Sates organized themselves into a political movement. What woke up the Sleeping Giant… the women’s collective consciousness that time?

It was the devastating fire in a sweatshop in New York. The fire broke out, but there were no fire escapes. The doors were locked. The women started jumping out of the windows and died on the streets. Hundreds of women died, adults and children workers alike.

This infuriated the American women and men. From this time on it was law to have fire escapes on all buildings in the City. This was the first step to organize the Labor Movement and to set safety measures in place.

As Dianics, we remember this big fire every year and say a prayer for those who lost their lives in it.

Big fire going on now, but on a religious level. This is the political fire… backlash fire disguised as Christian values. It is also the old gender wars. Men talking smack against women. The Rush Limbaugh mentality is the voice of the Republican Party, which is anti-choice; gross to women yet pro-porn.

I am quoting Bob Cesca from the Huffington Post:

Well before these new laws were introduced, including the personhood laws dictating that life begins at conception and therefore outlawing many forms of birth control, hundreds of women across the country were convicted and sent to prison because they had miscarriages. More than 300 women in South Carolina. 40 women in Alabama. Illinois prosecuted a woman for manslaughter after she gave birth to a stillborn baby. As of June, 38 states had passed “fetal homicide” laws. The consequences? Pregnant women who are suffering from drug addiction or mental illnesses are afraid to seek prenatal medical attention for fear of being arrested. It’s increasingly evident that being pregnant and in distress is almost as bad as being an illegal immigrant in America. 

Not a single male god religion came to the defense of the women. No bishops used their influence to speak up for women. No priests marched against the Establishment who wanted women humiliated and punished for getting pregnant. There is even a fight against birth control.

Only the feminist witches raised their voices in print and prayers. The feminists put up an intelligent young speaker Ms.Fluke to present the women’s health issues involved. The reaction to her calm presentation was a virulent personal attack. This too was an eye opener for millions of women.

We have consistently spoken out in defense of our rights to our own bodies and souls. Women must have a religion on their own. This spirituality is not centralized, but allowed to flourish in its rich variety.  We must survive and we need to be supported. Without knowing who we are as women, what glorious sacrifices have already been made for us, our self-esteem rises or falls.

We teach you these wonderful achievements, we bring the foremothers to your awareness, we continue to hold the flame for the Women’s Mysteries. This is the religion of her own.

You have the Women’s Spirituality Movement; Goddess centered Women’s Mysteries. For the past 40 years, we have organized Women’s Spirituality events, conferences, festivals, workshops and conducted Women’s Sacred Circles. I was our principal philanthropist. I worked for free for many years, leading the circles, using my own money for down payments to rent our camps for worship. I am now a Crone. Its your turn to foot the bill for this audacious historical enterprise. Step up and be a Hera!

Those who attended paid their way, so we could continue. We need donors, generous angels and a couple of mighty Queens with money to give.

The Goddess is you!

In order to run a non-profit there is a lot of expense involved. We don’t have superpacs. We need more supporters. Education of women and girls through our work is a unique cultural thread. Nobody else is doing this Internationally as we have done. All women benefit when their self-esteem is high. We have changed thousands of live’s for the better.

Through the decades, Women’s Mysteries has been under attack by those who like to trash women. But we stood united, in solidarity and kept the flame of the Women’s Mysteries burning bright. Women must have their own religion. We have to have our own well tended values. Otherwise a male centered religion will take away your constitutional rights from owning your body, your reproductive freedom, and your soul.

Not every woman is dirt poor, I say bless you in whatever help you can lend the Women’s Spirituality Movement. But if you are one of those lucky women who owns or controls wealth, this is your time to rise to the occasion. These are the times we set our future in place in this new century. How bad must things get for our wealthier sisters to open their check book? Only when a personal bad happens, and you suddenly wake up and realize that you are no longer safe either?  Please don’t wait that long. Do it now. On this International Women’s Day. Make a herstorical gift to the Women’s Spirituality Forum.

May abundance come to you and may you fare well in all your affairs. Blessed be.

Zsuzsanna Emese Budapest
High priestess, writer, psychic and revolutionery Crone.