Reading the Tarot’s Wisdom: My window on society, women and peace

Reading the Tarot’s Wisdom:
My window on society, women and peace.

The new year always brings up thoughts about the future. What’s going to happen this year? Is this the much feared end of the world? Or is it just an other year where we need to get realistic, not fearful.

I enjoy the deep mystery of the tarot cards. I celebrate the fact that somehow from the other side, the cards are used as a language of wisdom to communicate with us mere mortals. It makes me feel that we are not alone.

The 78 cards are like an alphabet. If you recall their meaning, their position in the lay out, synthesize all that with the rest, and a story emerges. There is a clear story every time.

It feels like somebody else is creating the lay outs, I am just a conductor of this magical happening. I lend my hands, then I lend my words.

The main point is still communicating wisdom. Wisdom is always meaningful work. Its always self examination, self blessings, rituals to open the deep mind and allow the new to flow in.

In my woes of financial insecurity, I had applied and gotten hired by an English firm to read cards on the phone. This was a very new way to read for people, mostly women. English women. And this psychic hot line was busy.

Sometimes women and men just want me to soothe their hurts, they want me to promise them a better future. This is not what I do unless this is what’s indicated in the cards.

As a friend of mine now long passed, Janet Mc Cloud, a native American leader said: ”If you just want to feel better, take a couple of Valiums and masturbate.

Spiritual consciousness is keeping the deep mind awake and at task. The deep mind doesn’t need sleep. It can be trusted with sorting things out, making things clearer.

Its not always a happy joy moment. Growing into your wisdom is hard work, requires a commitment as all meaningful change in our life’s. But have you gotten anything better to do then advance your own wisdom??

I actually pay attention to the wisdom communicated to us. And the wisdom of the TAROT is as its name suggest, “rota”… rotation. The Wheel of Life always turns. The good and the bad are both temporary. But the life we live can be also “stuck” when it reaches one of the fateful points in life, like the pivoting points of 21, 28, 31, 45, 51, 52,59, 62, 69,etc. It’s up to us to help the changes occur smoothly by embracing them.

These are times when life is coming at us, we don’t have to do anything except to CHANGE within. The outside world changes along with the inner changes. We only have power over our inner life.

This is a skill which I teach my clients. I share with them simple spells, Self esteem rituals, anything to have them accept the Fates decree, all must change, not just the number of our years. Not all women want to change within.

Many women run old tapes, over and over again, stuck on one unreachable goal or an other. Years can be wasted with these useless goals.

Heterosexual women have a old promise made to them, since childhood fairy tales, and they still believe in this promise. Patriarchy promised good girls that a Prince will come and deliver them into society. Only a prince can make them part of the happiness all humans deserve. Until then they have to behave, stay home,serve,work, go to church, and don’t be selfish whatever they do. Because if you are selfish God won’t send that prince, besides the princes are in short supply anyway. Most of them have pot bellies, and love their beer buddies more than women.

This plays out tragically. Often women simply push their years after each other, not living their lives, because there is no man in it. When I ask them what did they do before they were told that a man is needed for their happiness, they cannot even remember. When I mention that what they mean probably is that they crave love, as all humans do, they repeat their question over and over again.

“Won’t you look again, will I meet a somebody soon?”

I talked to a woman 57 years old, who had never had a date with a man, never fell in love, never even left town. She was always a very very good girl.

I suggested she leave town for the weekend, and expose herself more to life in England. Sent her to submerge in the healing waters of Bath.
But deep down what I should have suggested to her was, have you thought about the possibilities that you may be gay?

How far can I go with my intuition? The English had many rules, this I wasn’t sure of, but to shake up a lady somewhere far away with the news that she is gay. Well, I didn’t do it.

On the day I was to be fired, I fired myself. This was no longer what I loved about the Tarot; total freedom, telling like it is, giving advise, stand in my integrity.

This kind of online reading, one after an other, many many of them, started to sound very much alike.

Will I meet somebody? Will I meet somebody? Will I meet somebody? Will I… etc.

The men on the other hand wanted to know about co-workers, can they be trusted? About investments, will it tank or make them more money? Jobs, do I have a chance ? Will I be fired? Will I find a new job?

To the men the answers were variable, normal answers yes or no, satisfied them. One actually asked about a girl, if she was interested in him at all, the answer was however also no. I told him approach her with flowers and tender talk, and see where it leads.

What broke my heart that these women were simply not interested in themselves. How about a karmic change? How about a new interest? How about a new passion? How about caring about the Earth? Bird watching? Ocean? Anything?? No.

These ladies had professions and working credit cards. They demanded the psychic service of soothing words, and a string of little white lies.

They welcomed my narrative about the spirit world, and how they are protected by them. I do believe that our ancestors are looking out for us, but who? Are they into matchmaking, or just save you from a car crash?

This was not TAROT. I started thinking about a new deck. Just for this service, the “psychic” readings. Very few cards. Or just hunches.

At my age, I am at the peak of my game. This is not the time to water me down, make me into a people-pleaser and not a priestess advisor. Wisdom is sometimes tough love. Truth is my duty.

Our lives are not just to be endured, but lived fully.

The Tarot calls our attention to the myriad of miraculous ways to be. This is the treasure from the ancient wisdom, our lives don’t revolve about men, or even sex.

Our lives evolve and revolve around the journey of our souls. The exciting coming to consciousness and perceiving the miracle of life and our role in it, makes a woman proud.

After our pride in being women, we need to rise to the idea that the world deserves humanity to be in concert with it, not against it.

Women have these values, peace, don’t hurt your brother or sister, eat your dinner, be grateful for your good health.

So far so good.

But women also want peace. Many women find love and meaning in working for peace.

Patriarchy can loose power over us in peace. Peace is only good for babies and civilizations and women and love.

Peace is the ground we can build our futures on.

The trouble with Peace is that it doesn’t make huge profits for only a few men. Peace is making good dividends for life’s quality and spiritual evolvement for all.
Peace is commerce, but fair. Peace is work. Peace is women’s value. Peace is good for children. Peace is great to build civilizations, invent new things, flourish the arts. Peace is entertainment with meaning.

Peace does not glorify violence. In peace manhood must be reinvented. Womanhood must be to the forefront of leadership.
Everything else has been done.