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Crone’s Musings

Living in the countryside flanked with raspberries and chives, scented air from the strawberries, as a few red tomatoes roll off the truck ahead of me as I drive. I have never lived in a small town, except for summers a week at a time. Now I live in “old town” where nobody leaves their houses much and the traffic is thin like our hair.

I used to miss Oakland; as I once missed L.A., as I once missed Long Island and Manhattan. Vienna. Innsbruck. And as I always miss Budapest.

I miss my magical circles with my friends. I have no girl friends here to help me shop, hang out, and watch the stupid TV shows.

Book reading is slipping away. I used to read a book a week. Now I leaf through books. I’m impatient, my attention span has shrunk like my sweaters.

And now I miss blogging. Don’t really know how to load it up. I need a nerd to guide me.

I feel there is a rise in the hunger for Women’s Spirituality again. When the political climate turns on women, led by old impotent angry males we witches must rise to the occasion.

Times are the worst I have ever seen for heterosexual women who need to see doctors for many reasons. Abortion is one. Seven states have closed their clinics for women. The last Texas clinic closed again.

The South is armed and dangerous, men showing off their weapons, waiting to be challenged. They kill black boys just to be able to use their second amendment rights.

When men own a basement full of weapons, you know they want to play (fetish) with them; shoot them for real, not just look at them.

Women are abused and forced to be mothers, only to be abandoned after the birth of the child. Many commit suicide. Many abort on their own and die. Strong men of national sports beat their wives and fiancées unconscious, lie about it until the electronic eye that is everywhere captures the scene. Then we are all aghast. Really all?

We are Not living in a democracy, nor in a civilization. This nation shames mothers. You who shame women … you shame your own origins. You who dehumanize women … you have dehumanized yourself because its she who put you together cell-by-cell, you ungrateful child.

Civilization is when there is a communal agreement to be civil. The streets must be safe for women and children, ours are not. Haven’t been a long time. USA has slipped into a state of being a third world country.

I wish pagans could coalesce around some human rights issues. Or ecology issues. Protecting the Goddess and her children should be number one. We should speak up about the name of ISIS. Our gracious Goddess name should not be used wrongly to name terrorists. ISEL is the real name. Not ISIS. Learn it Rachael Maddow!

I perform political spells on occasion. Its no secret. This last Goddess Festival we hexed war.

“Let war die!” We pleaded with the Mother of All. Let war die. Let the lust for war wane. Let the communal spirit see how wars are obsolete.

Let the people understand that wars only generate new wars. New wars perpetuate male rule. Wars are business for the few. Death for the many.

They are heartbreak for the mothers on both sides. All wars are against women. Rape is a perk of wars. Then after wars the perks remain as a normal right of males. Women must protest loudly. This is not a time of passivity.

Hellenism had a lot of rapes in their mythology. Zeus doesn’t  seem to get laid any other way but rape and trickery. Takes on shapes like golden showers, a bull, mist, and even the image of a beloved woman  to fool a reluctant lesbian Goddess such as Artemis. Zeus has no children by Hera his “wife.”

The lesson is that the gods come and go. Gods are made up by people, and often it is those same people who profit from their creation.


When Wise Vaginas go to Vote

When Wise Vaginas go to vote they will change the country. I am watching the election developments, and every so often hear about some woman whining about this or that, and how they like the GOP and their lies.

Some vaginas are out of their bodies. Some vaginas hear only the siren song of the rich man, and imagine that the rich man cares about them. Its so comforting to believe that you are not abandoned by the party you have been so faithful to all these many years. May be even born into GOP-ness. Its what’s familiar and vaginas like this security.

Some vaginas may be don’t believe that vaginas should be free.

Older women who fought for vagina rights think let the young fight this one on their own. Other vaginas who have grown wise in their aging realize that once a vagina is governed by a group of aging  hypocritical “religious” males, all vaginas are punished.  And this is not what’s American. It is the Taliban reborn right here. Yes the faux Christian Taliban.

Vaginas are not a separate American population, its the CORE of the nation. It is where everybody else is coming from.

Romnesia is rampant. Republicans raped this country for a decade, then pretended that its Obamas fault.

Mitt speaks with positions of multiple choice. He would govern without protecting us, and you vaginas will be in peril, and there would be NO PRINCE coming to rescue you. Just saying. None of the Right Wing Republicans ever says don’t rape. None has made laws or protections for us. In fact, its harder to get help.

Wise vaginas don’t vote in the Tea Party candidates again. Vote out all seven wanna be senators. Vote in the wise vaginas.

Republicans lied to us about creating jobs,… What jobs? “Smaller government” is a lie! As soon as they were in power they rushed to beat up on the rights of vaginas.

Millions of legislations against vaginas. That’s what they came for to beat up on vaginas. They were the army against the freedom of women. This has been in the works since 1973.

What a mistake that was to allow them into power. Woman haters, woman rapists, incesters, and violence against vaginas. All endorsed by the Right Wingers. It is after all, the male God’s will that vaginas  get knocked up by rapists.

I send a potent hex on all those who would mislead us, lie to us, and disrespect vaginas. We don’t need men to  punish us for unwanted  pregnancies. We don’t need government to mess with our vaginas. For every unwanted pregnancy there is a guy who is walking away whistling. No responsibility projected on males at all. Never comes up. It is the true gender loyalty of males. They allow each other to rape. Men band together wrapping themselves into the flag of a male god. It’s his will after all.

Wise vaginas have this last power the vote. No matter what your parents used to vote like, you go out now and vote Democratic. You are a very important target. There are 30 million more female registered voters today than men.

Vaginas unite… like the males united against you. Learn to practice  loyalty to yourselves. Only gender solidarity can rescue us from the power hungry rapist Right Wingers.

Democratic vaginas get together! Now is the time we talked about “We remember in November.

It’s now November.

Refighting the Cultural Wars Against Women

Neptune comes around every 40 years, bringing with it a kind of rerun of history. When I was young, last time Neptune came around we fought for Women’s Liberation, the right to have rock and roll and fun, women’s rights to orgasms, equal pay for equal work which still is  not realized. We fought for all people’s rights to freedom. Just like today the Arab countries finally have their revolution, first time ever. May they succeed.

In 1973, we won the right to our own bodies, abortion rights. We won the right to be paid for work earlier in the century with the suffragists. They have also won for us all the right to vote. Yes, it has not been to long since these achievements happened.

The billionaire Koch brothers, decided they want to call the shots in politics. It must be to boring to be so rich. Nothing to do, but count your money. They have inherited their wealth, but now they have inspirations to destroy all that Neptune gave us the imagination and energy to create. All it takes is unlimited budget to take us down, and they can rally the groups against women any time.

Vote in the political pretenders, under false pretenses.

Once they got into power the true colors came out. The Koch brothers lapdogs are not serving the country, but their keepers … the billionaires.

Amongst Republicans there are many eager takers. Their voter base hates women, and our rights to our bodies. They hate gays who are suspected to have more fun then their opponents. They hate giving  equal rights with straights, and just on the whole they think and believe  they actually own God. Yes the big guy. Yes. Up above.

The Koch brothers think they bought God already years ago; no problem.

So the program unfolds quickly.

Wisconsin Governor wants to kill the unions. He has aspirations to be the first and calls to his newly minted GOPHERs to follow suit. Killing the unions would mean an end to the fair pay they receive now. Taking away their right to negotiate would mean more wealth to the billionaires. (May they choke on their ill gotten money and drop dead in their golden gilded baths.)

But Neptune is here again. We get to re-imagine everything.

Women are in huge numbers now, with jobs, and more of us are coming out of the universities, collages, and they are young and strong. We won’t go back to pregnant and barefoot. We use our votes more wisely next time. We have to turn out in the great numbers that we have. Gender solidarity got us this far, now we need to close ranks with unions, and stay awake when the lull sets in after we won abortion rights, most women activists simply went home.

The lull always comes with a price tag.

When there’s a slow drum roll against women’s rights, do not ignore it. A group of republican women engaged in career building instead of serving the public, protest them, march on them, don’t hold back just because they are women. Women are more dangerous to other women because they act like men with lipstick on. And we still want to play sisterhood with them. Give that up as an illusion.

It’s going to be a hard ride!

Billionaires with their corrupt, paid officials want to undo America. They want more wealth. How many billions is enough?

It’s time to take this opportunity and Neptune’s vibrations, and create a new America.

My solution: Tax the rich and tax the church. Now we have fixed the money problem.

Legalize pot and treat all drugs like legal alcohol. Collect taxes from that. Now we have surplus.

Upgrade our schools. Free education for all. Medicare for all. Paid for by the new taxes. Join the 21st century. Happy women and children everywhere.

To do this takes spiritual common sense, trying out something new.

Life is to short. Why not? Everything else had been done.

Why I vote for Democrats

Voting for democrats is like grabbing a lifeline. It may be not a very firm tube, it may be leaking a bit, and it may have come almost to late, but it is here to grab. Do it! Now! Vote!

Yes, Obama didn’t spend too much time explaining what was going on, but look at his long, long list of good deeds! Practical; critical.

Three billionaires have just hijacked democracy. Three old white guys, a pair of billionaire bothers, decided that its not enough to have money. They want to own the Congress. And yes, this is a country in which money can do this with the blessing of the Supreme Court; who are already in their pockets.

We have lots of  man whores for sale. They want to dictate how to be a country to make the billionaires even richer. No taxes for them. Oh no, they don’t like paying their fair share. I pay more taxes than billionaires.

If you are not excited to vote, remembered this. Your foremothers were jailed for this right. They were tortured, force fed for weeks, health ruined just so that you and I have the vote. Female citizens, we are so numerous. Let’s use this power now, lets not loose the Congress.

Nothing will get done for two years after that. The party of “No” will want to impeach our president, drag him down because he is black, and had the gumption to confront the money bags.

How can we be so lazy? We need to vote every time, not just that once.

Women, brothers, let us move to win elections. Put the Dems into the Congress again. May be not the blue dog Dems. Did we have new democrats running to replace them? Oh Goddess, let there be some backbone and brains amongst us, so the next two years will not be like chewing on glass.


Blessed Be,
Z Budapest

Feminism holds the Goddess in her lap

Where are you sisterhood?
Was it so hard to hold on to each other?
Was it so hard to forgive each other our human flaws?
We disappointed each other because we didn’t turn out to be divine as planned?
Are you once again alone with the struggle?
Making a living while being a woman too difficult?

I know it can be. A woman body is a full time job. Just to be healthy, we need to mind our natural cycles, bleeding every month is not fun. Two weeks tied down with the menstruation, one week pre-tension, then the bloods, and then the waning of the bloods.

Whoever says otherwise is lying. While we balance on high heels, secretly we hope our bloody pad wont move up to our back, or aspire to become shoulder pads. Bleeding is hard work. And it’s expensive. The cost of tampons, pads, the teas, the pills, the loss of joy in life, comes out of our own pockets. We finance a nation’s fertility. Not fair.

The government doesn’t pay women for being fertile, but it pays men to have erections. Viagra is covered in health plans. Birth control for women is not.  Where is the outrage?

The other day I managed to get my hands on a precious old book called, “Handbook of Women’s Liberation” written by Joan Robins. This was the very first book I read when I arrived in Los Angeles written by a contemporary feminist sister. Back then it costs $2.95, today I got it for twenty dollars. But I was so happy it was avaible at all.

In order to hold on to your Goddess consciousness you have to build in your mind a place for her with feminism. This is how she sticks with you through thick and thin.

What’s in the book?

Ms. Robins gives us a quick background on the early feminists, the suffragists from the last century. It’s good to know whose shoulders we are standing on. It’s good to know what they have done right. They organized themselves, set reasonable goals, and were relentless in pursuit of their goals. Unfortunately the narrow goal of the vote was all they could get us in order to change the female social status from chattel to citizen with a vote. This took them 75 years. Only the youngest daughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Harriot Stanton Blatch, lived to see the vote won. Young Alice Paul drafted the Equal Rights Amendment, the very night the women celebrated their right to vote. That law has still not passed.

The short history of where the Second Wave comes from the Civil Rights Movement, and the Peace Movement where women have participated, only to be ordered back to make coffee for the male peaceniks and the black male revolutionaries.

There was a point when the women came to consciousness about how inconsistent that was with the goals they have supported. This is when the women left the movements of the males and created their own. There are wonderful pictures in the back of the book showing us these young faces, just like yours today, marching down on Fifth.

This is the Second Wave that invented the ingenious and effective C.R. Groups, consciousness raising groups, which I think we should reframe and reinvent for this huge wave of generation Z.

How is C.R. Groups different from study groups or discussion groups?

In the C.R. Group, the emphasis is on the personal experiences of each woman. We use what we learn first-hand from each other to politically analyze the status of women. “We wanted to build our own analysis of the conditions of women and from that derive a theory of action,” Robins writes.

I think our oppression certainly changed since 1970 when this book was written, but not so much in essence.

For example in the seventies, two-thirds of women were not employed. Instead we all labored privately; the unpaid labor of housewives’ and genital work (marriages).

Today the workforce is majority female workers, but the country is still run by old white males, who live in the fifties mentally.

Back then, women were not admitted to universities, or just not as many as men, today since admittance finally changed into merit based decisions, 75 percent of women comprise the student body in all collages and universities. Wahoo!

So we can pat ourselves on the shoulders, good work! Education is the key to liberation. Education is the key to independence. The key to human-hood for women. And we got it!

But here is a list what we have not dealt with yet, and these are huge problems.

Male supremacy:
This is the active behavior of men to hurt women. It starts in elementary school, and lasts a lifetime of anti-female propaganda. In our times, it’s very sophisticated, but hidden or not, its worse then ever before.

First we thought that only a few men, not capitalism was the culprit, who benefit from women’s unpaid labor. But male chauvinism is a cultural belief that males are superior to women. Most male god religions endorse this. Southern Baptists for example, President Carter just has written a letter of why he quit the church over their ingrained sexims.The Taliban teach the same thing, different male god … same oppression for us. Taliban kills us if we talk to a boy who’s not our relative; not long ago in Europe the church killed for six hundred years long women for witchcraft. Once accused, the women never came home again.

It’s a self-entitlement to feel superior to women, to make women serve and benefit males. Financially, in sex trades, children are the next target; born to poor mothers, men sell children to each other for sex and free labor. All men derive benefits from this enslavement of women, not just the pimps and johns, but the good men who do nothing culturally to control their brothers.

Back when Robins wrote her book, women could not foresee how to get out from under. But as herstory shows us, the collective female energies converged quite naturally and choose to go through the cracks of the doors that the Second Wave has opened for us.

What has become the norm are the personal solutions. We used to scuff at personal solutions versus the collective solutions, but in retrospect I think the female principle was right to fix our status with education first.

We are just not ready to attack the rest of the problems.

We tasted little of the return of the collective solution when we have voted for Hillary Clinton. She did get 180 million votes. That’s a good chunk of approval from women with jobs. Now if we just contemplate the Pro-Woman line, the bearers of the new society.

Blame. If we just stopped blaming each other and victims of violence, and see all women … the talented and the slow, the beautiful and the homely, the fat and the skinny, the PhD and the high school drop outs, the pregnant and the barren. We are all connected in the web of life. When you walk down the street, men don’t look at you and say, there goes a PhD. educated women. They still just see a female, any female, vulnerable.

Wake up and stay awake! Speak up wherever you are. Form the new C.R. Groups. So much work still needs to be done.