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Fateful turning of the Wheel

This year I have devoted myself to honor the memory of one of our greatest foremothers, Merlin Stone. We have collected interviews from about 30 contemporaries; she has brought us all together for the first time. East coast and west coast and the middle, all has given us rich material to celebrate and be proud of Merlin. The fragile sister who could. All of this work will be coming out in DVD when Bobbie gets to create it early next year.

In the meantime we are moving. I sold my home. Too many stairs, too steep. I could not even carry my own groceries in. We bought a smaller, but still cute home two hours south from Oakland.

My advice to many of my clients “learn to tolerate ambiguity” is now my own lesson. Ambiguity is hard to tolerate. Waiting for a loan to come through, nerve breaking. Dealing with paperwork, serious boredom and fear.

Diana Paxson and I have been working on Goddess in the Office rewrite and enhancement. Some say do not use the word “office” anymore, say “own” work; the future will have less workers in the office and more online elsewhere. What do you think?

My autobiography was held up too. Diana Paxson and I got a strong beginning, but I have not really dealt with the reflections and examination of my mission in life; when and how did I fall into this Goddess mission. I have however written up a lot of Forest Gump moments, all the funnies. But the meat of a good Ab is the reflections, the curve, the hindsight of how this life evolved. What were the forces that drove it. For some reason I couldn’t quite face it. But now I can.

When I visited in Budapest this summer, I looked at the house where I was born, the bunkers  dark musty entrance to a life underneath the ground during the mass carpet bombings. I sobbed my eyes out for the little girl who was so brave and had her childhood ruined by the WWII.

It’s like my eyes have been opened, and I can look back and not be afraid.

In Glastonbury, I gave a speech about politics and spirituality. Yes, and the British gave me a standing ovation! I don’t remember getting a standing ovation for a long time.

My life was driven by politics, the Hungarian Revolution that opened up the boarders and I could escape. The help the Goddess Boldogasszony gave me, how her touch was all over my story. Now can be told.

But most of all I think the collective story of everlasting wars, the patriarchs depend on for their power is the main driving force of many lives. Wars waged over my house, the total loss of everything we had, the deaths of all grandparents, the starvation which all wars bring. And then the commies with their lies.

Many of these features are back again. This time here in the USA.

The political enviromement is very bad now for women everywhere, especially the young. Young women cannot stay stupid and let nature take its course because Nature is impersonal, she cares about making babies even when you don’t. She gave you brains. It’s up to your smarts to know your body, have some wisdom determining when you could or want to bear a child. No matter what the GOP is doing to abortion rights, girls, you always have herbs. You can have a quickening with many of the herbs free, but you cannot wait until it’s to late. Pennyroyal, Rue, just to name a few. A cup of tea at the time when you’re due and your period will return. No abortion clinics needed. No doctors if you are smart. If you ever look at a Mexican community, right in font of a home, a woman would plant a Ruta (Rue) plant, for good luck. Yeah right.

But the war now, this economic war, is directed against USA kids. The police are back serving the powerful. So is the Media. They are as mean and as lawless they were in the sixties. And no matter how dreadful they behave, they will never go to jail because they are trained to be mean. You are lucky if they don’t water-board you.

The media? We lost the media in the middle of the Information Age. You can only get what’s going on via the Internet on the uTube.

Regular media didn’t even cover the Wall Street confrontations, but you did mercifully dear MSNBC and Current TV.

Back in the sixties at least the battle made the cover of Time Magazine, when the hard hats attacked the long haired hippies. This too happened on Wall Street way back. Brilliant choice of targeting…  Wall Street.

Not a word was on CNN, instead it was all about poor Michael Jackson and how he died poor lonely soul. Goddess bless and rest him, but this trial is not Situation Room news! The situation was the Wall Street police brutality once more against the young and their supporters. The young deserves a future. They are demonstrating because they are smart, figured it out, money is the only god in the USA. All the biblical blah blah is meaningless; the same Xian politicians send the police to beat up our kids for practicing their rights as citizens.

Wall Street where millionaires are still “working” shuffling other peoples money around, themselves do not produce anything at all. These are our “middle class” that’s not working, and doesn’t want to. They invest.

And they don’t care about the working people. Nobody ever got rich for working for wages for others.

American workers, goddess bless them, are a diminishing breed.

Their jobs have been outsourced by greedy corporations. We are sinking into the third world status fast. Our infrastructure is crumbling, and there is nowhere to run anymore. I cannot become a refugee again.

There are folk who worship share holders and CEOs. None of them are in the Bible; politicians however worship them for they need money to get those government jobs, with the lifelong benefits. Senators, Congress people, all need the millionaires largess to create their commercials, and sell their story to the voters who don’t have time to research their records.

I have an idea. I am sure you heard it before.

Let’s give each viable candidate an hour free airtime (it’s the people’s air), do with it what they want. Commercials. Debates. The works.

After that time no more exposure. You can make your case just before elections, not for years preceding it.

The GOP candidates looked to me like lined up like fancy beggars, with no helpful ideas, all having the same script to mouth from. Even their buzzwords are the same. It’s one campaign with many boring pale faces. Mr. Green even appears white to me.

The winners are the freeloading  billionaires. They pay no taxes, what’s that all about???

GOP are faithful servants of the Koch brothers. They swear oaths to them, sign their names to pledges. Lick their boots and their fat asses.

It’s treason.

After all didn’t they take a more sacred oath to the people as they have taken their seats?

Love to you. And thank you Oakland for giving me a good life and happy memories.