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Press Release: Zsuzsanna Budapest Blesses Claudiney Prieto

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For Immediate Release:

Celebrated Author, Psychic, Witch and Founder of the Dianic Tradition Zsuzsanna Budapest Awards Brazilian High Priest, Claudiney Prieto with Blessing

     Santa Cruz, CA, August 11, 2014.  In a decisive move that nullifies the recent accusations of misandry towards her and her Dianic Tradition, Zsuzsanna Budapest has awarded a man, Brazil’s own Claudiney Prieto with a blessing for the work he does within his own Nemorensis Dianic Tradition, while the Dianic Tradition in Budapest’s lineage remains for female-born women and girls.

     As the attacks on feminism continue to grow especially on social media through blogs, Facebook and more, Budapest remains a decidedly a staunch supporter of the “old guard” who championed women’s rights in the 70’s, a feminist Witch, and the doting mother of two sons and a beloved grandson. But as feminists and feminists bloggers maintain all across the country, feminism is not about hating men, but against patriarchy and the “old boys club” that oppresses and seeks to control women’s personal freedoms.

As Z Budapest wrote on her Facebook profile last week:

     “Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna … All these names mean the same thing … Holy Mother. As women relate to many aspects of the Great Mother, we can expand into all these Goddesses and practice, and include Women’s Mysteries within it.

     I was greatly impressed by Claudiney Prieto in Brazil, who has successfully nurtured an Isis revival. I have blessed him to be a Priest of Isis, which he already is. I saw what he has done and I think he serves the Goddess with his personal leadership. Everybody loves the man. He is dynamite in circle. Such a man with ten years of experience richly deserves the blessing. Both sexes are part of the rituals and sacred plays and always have been. This fits us well. I connect with this because I am also a play write. The original Isis plays have all been translated. It will be great fun creating a religious experience within the medium of theater for this community.

     I thought for the 21st century we should expand into the veneration of Isis, retaining our special women’s space of course. Claudiney respects women’s space even as High Priest. He wouldn’t even think of entering the Women’s Mysteries.

     Although Budapest has embraced Claudiney Prieto for his veneration of the Goddess Isis; she has not abandoned the tenets of her Dianic Tradition that she and so many of her community hold dear. For Budapest and the Dianic tradition, this means that males will continue to be excluded from her rituals of Women’s Mysteries designed for female-born women; this includes the uterine Blood Mysteries.  

Prieto continues to respect the Blood Mysteries. 

    “Even believing that it is time to put an end to this separatism, to let people decide by themselves if they want to gather in groups of women-born only or in mixed ones, granting them the right to call themselves Dianic because Goddess is the center of their worship; I defended Z before Pagans who have several reservations about her because I really understand and respect her restrictions about this issue. This blessing could be the beginning to building dialog, a bridge between the genders.

     Response from the Pagan community as a whole has been supportive towards Budapest’s blessing of Prieto and both variations of Dianism.

     His response, “Our origins are in our own Dianic Tradition, we call ourselves by the name Nemorensis Dianic Tradition. We are Dianics, but we don’t descend from Z’s lineage, we never claimed to and we will never claim it.

      I understand what Z did was just a blessing to me and I have no intention to claim her Dianic lineage or to be part or put men in women-only circles that are sacred to woman-born only.


     Budapest went to Brazil as an honored guest speaker for Prieto’s Conference of Wicca and Goddess Spirituality held in San Paulo, Brazil in August 2014. This year the Goddess being venerated was Isis. Budapest was so moved by this veneration by Prieto and his community, that she bestowed an impromptu blessing on him. As Prieto put it, “A historical, unique and very emotive moment.

     Although there was some initial confusion about the blessing, it was clarified that he was awarded by her as an honoring of his work with the Goddess. His response, “Thank you Zsuzsanna Budapest for all your efforts to maintain the Goddess Religion alive and thank you for choosing me to be the first male to receive this blessing by you. This is an honor to me. I honor you. Blessed Be!

      Budapest honored Prieto and bound him as a priest to the Goddess within the constructs of Prieto’s own Nemorensis Dianic Tradition and not her own Dianic Tradition, which is women-born only. It was a beautiful gift from one Dianic Tradition to another, and cherished by both as they each continue to serve their own diverse spiritual communities.

      Z Budapest is the foremother of the Dianic Tradition (www.zbudapest.com) having been the first to rebirth it from antiquity. Women began to describe Z’s lineage as Feminist Dianic, Feminist Wicca or Dianic Wicca in an effort to honor and maintain sacred space for Women’s Mysteries.

      Claudiney Prieto is the founder of the Dianic Nemorensis Tradition. (www.nemorensis.com.br/english/)  He is a best known as a pagan writer in Brazil and Latin America with 13 books published to his name.

Z Budapest Blog (zbudapest.wordpress.com)
Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 (susanbanthonycoven.com)
Dianic Wicca (dianic-wicca.com)

Z Budapest Blessing Prieto
Z Budapest Blessing Claudiney Prieto

Girl Goddess Contest

Girl Goddess Contest

The women of Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 are excited to sponsor a new contest that illuminates the unique power of Women’s Mysteries and honors the sacred bond between maiden and mother. Every time mothers and daughters dance and sing under the stars and honor the Goddess in each other, we see the woman-bond strengthened and female relationships celebrated!

Send your photo and short essay of up to 500 words describing how celebrating Women’s Mysteries has strengthened your relationship with the daughter/grand-daughter/special young girl in your life to: goddess_speaks@yahoo.com. Qualified entries will be posted as tagged photos to the official Goddess Festival Facebook page. You, your friends, and family can vote for the Top 3 finalists by sharing and clicking “Like” until midnight July 15, 2014. Z Budapest will then select the 1st place winners, who will be our special guests at the 2014 International Goddess Festival!

• 1st Place: Mother/Daughter attend the Goddess Festival FREE!
• 2nd and 3rd Place Runners up: $250 off Mother/Daughter Registration
• All entrants: $50 off Mother/Daughter registration

Prize discounts are taken off the standard Mother/Daughter all-inclusive cabin package ($500 Mother + $250 Daughter – must be under age 18). Prizes do not include travel expenses and all entrants must qualify for participation in the Goddess Festival. Prizes are not transferrable and may not be applied to previously purchased tickets (although previously purchased tickets may be transferred to other qualified participants). By submitting your photo and essay for consideration, you agree that you are the author and have necessary rights to grant the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1, Women’s Spirituality Forum, and Goddess Festival permission to use, reproduce, display, and transmit all submitted content and images so that your thoughtful insights may inspire other women. For full terms and conditions, visit: http://goddess-festival.com/terms-conditions/. To learn more about the Goddess Festival, visit http://goddess-festival.com.

Girl Goddess Contest! You are a mama? You got a girl in your care? Bring it on at the camp! We’ve got a zipline. We’ve got a swimming pool. We’ve got ancient trees. We got a magical program, etc. Bring her dress up stuff and strut it.

Practical Mysticism

Practical Mysticism with Dr. Z Budapest, a master class on leadership, deepening circle skills and ethics.

For details and registration go to:


In the Red Crone’s Temple of Women’s Mysteries we deep dive into practices that open us to the inherent source of vast wisdom within. We connect with the bliss of devotion and with the Spirit in our hearts, utterly wild and free. We align with the dignity and grace of the feminine warrior, and we touch infinite compassion, silence and beauty beyond measure.

The basis for all spiritual exploration in our Women’s Temple group is the insight of that which we long for… is who we already are. Thus our practice is not towards a goal of attainment in the future, it is a process of melting, of unraveling the wisdom and beauty already inherent in each woman. And there is no more powerful place to do that then in a circle of conscious women.

We do it together. And together we evoke real awakening, transformation that lasts — Goddess spiritual practice becomes a life style. We all contribute in co-creating an aura of the Great Mother, which again provides each sister with a powerful transmission of grace and awakening. It holds us as we dive deeper into the essence and pure beauty of who we are.

In the Women’s Red Culture we talk, we eat, we dance, we pray, we melt with our innermost beauty and with each other, as we tap into authentic spiritual connection.

Instead of enforcing the status quo by focusing on our problems and personal shortcomings, this Women’s Temple group practices connect us with truth beyond our fears and limited self-images.

The Red Crone’s Temple of Women’s Mysteries is a space where we come to mirror, celebrate and empower each other. A space where we can drop our masks, and let the beauty of our authentic face be seen in all its glory, pain, passion and vulnerability.

In this training, you will learn the art of Womanist Leadership and all the how-to’s of facilitating an ongoing Women’s Temple group. You will gain insights into the background theory of women’s group dynamics as well as have the opportunity to practice Womanist Leadership and to receive constructive feedback.

The principles of Feminist Leadership can be applied to all areas of life; so even if you are not sure if you want to lead a group, this training will benefit you. You will have an in-depth experience of the ground breaking Wise Women approach and of the benefits of being part of a Women’s Temple group.

Topics we will cover include:

  • How to set and communicate the right intention for the group.
  • How to create a safe and deep framework for the group.
  • How to honor the flow of the group as well as keeping the focus and depth.
  • The being/doing dynamic of Feminist Leadership.
  • Pitfalls of Women’s groups.
  • In depth study and background theory of Women’s Mysteries and much, much more.

The learning process is a carefully balanced mix of theory and experiential transformation.

Many of the practices are dynamic and interactive (e.g dance, dyads, respectful touch), but we will also spend time in silence and inner contemplation.

You will leave the training with a plan for creating your own group, or if you already are part of one, you will bring back ideas of how you can deepen your practice together. It is even wonderful to come as a group, as the training will give you a common ground of understanding for what you will create together.

This training is for Women:

  • Feeling called to awaken and embody Feminist brilliance, for real.
  • Wanting to explore Feminist Leadership and learn the art of leading a Women’s Temple Group.
  • Who want to rejuvenate and have a deep dive into Feminist spiritual practices.
  • You will gather an abundance of tools and insights into what Woman’s Spirituality is while reconnecting with the softness and radiant glow of your whole body and being.

You will leave this Training with:

  • Total revitalization of body, mind, and heart.
  • Deepened intimacy with all that is sacred, within and around you.
  • A clear connection to your own feminine essence and inner guidance.
  • An empowered understanding of how to live Goddess Leadership in all aspects of life.
  • An undeniable sense of being connected with all things.
  • A deeper sense of purpose in work, relationship, and life.
  • Inner peace, self-acceptance, and compassion for yourself and others.
  • Skills to start and sustain a Women’s Temple group.
  • A firmly claimed seat in a both global and timeless circle of conscious women.

The training is facilitated by Dr. Zsuzsanna Budapest, founder of the Women’s Spirituality Movement, and some sessions will include leadership by members of the Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One team.

Location is in Santa Cruz County and details are given after registration. Limited to 20 in-person attendees. Online attendees unlimted.

Voice of the Goddess Contest

Voice of the Goddess Contest

goddess festivalTo celebrate the first harvest and the abundance our Great Mother Goddess provides, the women of Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 are excited to sponsor a new contest that illuminates and honors the unique power of Women’s Mysteries!

How it works

Send your photo and short essay of up to 500 words describing how celebrating Women’s Mysteries has changed your life to: goddess_speaks@yahoo.com. Qualified entries will be posted as tagged photos to the SBA facebook page. You, your friends, and family can vote for your favorites until midnight August 12, then Z Budapest will select the 1st place winner herself on August 15 from the top 3 vote winners.

Goddess Prizes

  • 1st place: Attend the Goddess Festival FREE!
  • Runners up: $150 off Goddess Festival and a FREE copy of Z’s latest book, “Goddess Gets to Work”
  • All entrants: $25 off Goddess Festival


Prizes do not include travel expenses and all entrants must qualify for participation in the Goddess Festival. Prizes may not be applied to previously purchased tickets, but previously purchased tickets may be transferred to other qualified participants. By submitting your photo and essay for consideration, you agree that you are the author and have necessary rights to grant the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1, Women’s Spirituality Forum, and Goddess Festival permission to use, reproduce, display, and transmit them so that your thoughtful insights may inspire as may women as possible. For full terms and conditions, visit: http://goddess-festival.com/terms-conditions/. To learn more about the Goddess Festival, visit http://goddess-festival.com/.

Photo: “Mezzo Goddess - We sing our dreams into being"
Acrylic painting by Emily Balivet, 2008 (http://www.emilybalivet.com/)

Blog July – Goddess Festival

I confess I have been not writing. Not really. My profession is changing. What i thought was coming a long time, a writers dream to control ones intellectual property, its finally here. We have a Expresso bookstore now, where you can print your own book now while you are still in the bookstore. I have many books slipping between publishers, I am calling out to the universe for volunteer book designers, as a service to get my books into the new generation’s hands.

We moved in our new house and planted roses and apple trees and blueberries, and two grape plants. We still got white sage and blue sage to get in. The avocado tree made it through the winter as a baby, but froze the tips. She has recovered, and next winter we shall cover her up like we have seen other homeowners protect their cherished plants.

Faster then a speeding bullet, the year has gone into a trot and its midyear already. Freak out!

The biannual Goddess Festival (www-goddess-festival.com) is starting up in my house, we began drying the herbs and Cedar and Juniper, shedding in a big bag for the  big rituals, when women get handfuls of it and toss into the fire celebrating themselves and their wish to the universe. Get your reservations now!

Goddess gets to Work
Goddess gets to Work!

We have quite a few registrations already, and more will be coming. In spite of the smaller monies women get, we still managed to make this pilgrimage, this journey to the redwood forest of the ancient giants.

I have a potted forest waiting as well. A rescued group of five redwood young trees; keeping them alive and well until September during the Goddess Festival when we plant them back into the forest.

I think its time we as women make a pledge; lets plant at least one tree every year. Five came first, its a pentagram. I see it as auspicious. Women and Trees!

My newest book is out now! Yay! Goddess gets to Work! Wise, whimsical, witty and when it’s called for, deviously wicked. America’s favorite witch stirs up an empowering brew for working women everywhere. https://www.createspace.com/3897522

If all goes well Bobbie can start making more videos with me. An interactive video showing how to contact and receive a spirit guide for ones Tarot readings. There will be a short little booklet as well… “13 Days to a Tarot Spirit Guide.”

I hope this will speed up the learning curve for many of my students who cannot find time nor patience to memorize the meanings of the cards.

Otherwise, I walk the walk. I laugh at least once a day for NO reason at all. Then I laugh also for reasons, but one cannot depend on them.

I am reading “Lizz Free or Die!” I went to hear her at the Santa Cruz Bookstore, she didn’t go into details, but it was she who has created “The Daily Show” with Jon Stuart. I loved following it in her book, how things just lit up in her talent and she just started performing this as a stand up comic. Later it gelled into the Daily Show. It takes a lot of fateful accidents to make a funny show be born.

I yearn to submerge in natural water, its summer after all. Ocean is ice cold, it has to be a pool. I am in it. Happy summer time!

Goddess! with Dr. Z Budapest

Goddess! with Dr. Z Budapest

MP3 File

May 25 – 27, 2012

Learn from Goddess wisdom grandmothers, one in the flesh and one in the spirit, the Secrets to Manifesting the Goddess in YOU… and create your own Goddess Lifestyle.

Focus the intentions in your life towards creating a better world. Make your dreams and aspirations a reality. It is possible!

Think you need more time, more money, more skills to create what you truly desire? Go deeper with Dr. Z! See that your true potential isn’t rooted in those mundane tokens, but within your inner-Goddess.

Dr. Z Budapest will facilitate your journey towards manifesting your most important plans and dreams, clear obstacles from your path and tapping your own Goddess reservoir of limitless spiritual possibilities. Embrace your inner Goddess and experience a more complete life filled with experiences from your own true abundant nature.

Dr. Merlin Stone will reach out to you from the other side of spirit’s existence. Our foremother, Merlin Stone, has not left us. Her memory lives in the Wise Women Center’s land where she used to teach. She will be able to open our deep minds and hearts to the treasures of our glorious past as women. Merlin’s spirit lives in each of us!

If you know where you come from, you know where you’re going. It’s crucial to our divine past. Self-esteem cannot be tended without knowledge of our divine past.

Clear the obstacles from your Goddess path.
And from chaos She led us by the hand….

Weekend Intensive Workshop with Dr. Z Budapest
Noon on May 25th until May 27th 2:30 pm

Find out more & register for Goddess! with Dr. Z Budapest

This three day intensive is taught at the Wise Woman Center in Woodstock NY. Regstration includes lodging, meals, instruction, and rituals. Intensive begins at noon on Friday and ends at 4pm on Sunday.

Weekend: $500.

Register online
or via mail, to:
Wise Woman Center
PO Box 64 Woodstock NY 12498

REGISTRATION POLICY: Once you register we will send you a map and further details.

REFUND POLICY: If you cancel more than two weeks (15 days or more) before the workshop, we are able to offer you a full refund minus a $25 office fee. If you cancel within two weeks (14 days or less) of the workshop, we will be happy to apply your payment (minus a $25 office fee) to any other class at the Wise Woman Center. No show; no refund; non-negotiable. You may transfer your payment to another person at any time, no extra charge.

CONTACT US: Wise Woman Center PO Box 64 Woodstock NY 12498 E-MAIL: susunweed@herbshealing.com


Nobody Loves Women

I couldn’t explain the deep seated resentment in our cultural landscape against women. No matter what we looked at, good women, bad women, men resented women in all forms and sizes; behaviors. No woman was sexy enough, good enough, trustworthy enough. This puts the female gender on notice, improve yourself or you will find no love. The only good woman is a dead woman.

This is what women are most afraid of. Loosing the love. The slim chance of male protection. This is the H-bomb of our psyche.

Take the male collage students at Yale, they started last year by chanting all over campus “No means yes, yes means anal.”

While this was establishing their entitlement to sex with unwilling women, the fact that they chanted it together with each other, young men, their brains were actually having sex with each other. Chanting this walking together, in their male power, the young men substituted chanting for actually having sex with each other. But the brain is having sex just by thinking about sex, together thinking about sex. It is sex. Many many young men at collage age are latent homosexuals, which is dangerous to women.

Women would prefer that men came out and had sex with each other, and not parade around chanting offensive stuff. The reason for my conclusion is the word “anal”. Anal is not what young women are dreaming about when they think of intimacy. Women think of sex as the culmination of an emotional surge, and coming together with love and aroused body.  But “anal” is most important in homosexual contact, in man on man love.

So if you want to have sex with men, why scare the ladies?

It’s a deflecting technique, scaring women is “manly” hence they are not homosexuals. But you cannot block the unconscious brain. So here the anger against women comes from the fact that having sex with girls is seen as normal, but anal is not. They need to loudly claim it. Because they are closet gays. And pissed off about it too. This is just one example.

I remember when I was still in elementary school in Budapest, the boys would wait at the exit door of the school with their snowballs with a stone wrapped into it. And when the girls were streaming out after school, the boys would pelt us with stones and snow in our faces, at our heads. It hurt. It drew blood sometimes. One time a friend of mine was hit in the temple and she fell down unconscious. And this happened a long time ago in the fifties. Hating women is still fashionable. It’s manly. It’s a proof of masculinity to each other. It’s a male affirmation.

There seems to be an uninterrupted sentiment against girls and women from the male gender. Feminism’s emergence only frustrated this. Men accused feminists of male bashing. But pimp culture is female bashing, on a grand scale. Complaining about it, bringing it up, exposing it is “male bashing.” The gender wars must be fought off camera, off printed matter. Never discussed in public. Its humanities dirty laundry, hating our women, the creators and nurturers of everybody walking one Earth.

The male gender is gender conscious, “us boys together” against the other gender. Women are human identified, not so much gender identified. They should be.

Why are we universally hated by the male gender? What have we as a female gender done to merit such lack of respect? Nothing.

Who ever solves this puzzle should get a Peace Price.

Here are some of my ideas.

When I asked Starhawk what she thought about this, she said, “Oh, they don’t hate women, they hate what we stand for. Peace.”

The fear is, if they take on mother’s values, they will be beaten and rejected by their fellow males. So they feel that their very gender identity depends on rejecting females as deeply as the law allows. Often even beyond. No males are allowed to love female values. If you assume female values of peace, cooperation, communication, men will loose their fury little balls. They will loose rape culture. War culture.

But later in dating age, males choose their own females whom they exempt from the universal fear/hatred . “My girl,” they say, “is different. I am allowed to love her.” Many also love their mothers, female relatives. Bless them.

But never the females as gender.

Here is a new reason for resentment. Mother nature makes a lot of  males want sex with the women. In spite of the general attitude of “don’t trust women” men are made to conform, have to make concessions with women. This is culturally resented. Now they “need” women, that’s another bother. When there is a family, and there is a divorce, men are made to pay child support.

More reason to resent women. Men don’t see why they have to pay for a child they fathered. They imagine the mother would abuse this and spend the money on herself. Since she is no longer “his” wife, back into the hated gender with her. Hence withholding the money from families is justified.

The reasons to hate/not trust women is multiplying.

I have given a short speech at an Interfaith conference to women who were from many different spiritual traditions. After we heard all the wrongs that women found with their male god religions, I suggested to change their inner-life and switch to the omnipresent Goddess, a Great Mother.

Some heterosexual women were aghast. “I am not ready to throw the men under the bus!” One woman exclaimed.

She was defending the entire male gender, which in her mind was the same as the male god.

As I said it would have taken a lot more time, which I was not given, to explain the difference between men as a gender and the male god. But its very telling, how they have now been intertwined in the minds of such good women.

God is male, and men are gods.

This is the at crux of it all.

Religion long ingrained into our impressionable psyches, since childhood, declared that anything male is sacred, anything female is suspicious and subordinate. Weak. Hence dangerous to men who would loose their edge; their “balls.”

So the genders represent the opposing views of how to live on earth.

Women feel they need peace to raise children and civilization which includes commerce, the arts.

Men are lied to, and told that peace and civilization building are all utopian fantasies of women. Getting young men killed and maimed and then ignored, kicked to the curb, jobless and homeless,… yes  that’s the male ticket. Glorious male self created doom. Why still cling to it? Because what if other men attack us? Then what? Who would defend us?

The women fall quiet, because the answer is that globally women would demand an end to violence, ending wars altogether. Globally. This would require a very sophisticated Sisterhood. We are very far from that dream. But feminism is now global, the media allowed the women to see each others plight, and our own compassion is finally released to ourselves.

There won’t be anybody else’s sons rising in wars against us. Could that ever happen? Sisterhood could make it come alive.

In Texas this year, no less then 50 bills were introduced against women; all aimed to make it more difficult to get medical help. Fifty bills, not about jobs, but taking away women’s rights . Think about it, legislators obsessed with hating women, day and night creating newer and newer bills to promote the lessening of rights of more than half of Americans; female Americans.

These male lawmakers need to be recalled.

Women need to elect each other with careful consideration to replace them. Let common sense and civility be brought back. And if it never was, women must invent it.

Just an other thing on our laundry list.

Hello Dearest Goddess, it’s Z.

Hello Dearest Goddess, it’s Z.

I thought I’d drop in on this Thanksgiving and personally give you a huge thank you for this year. Of course I loved other years as well, but this year has brought so many changes in consciousness and health, and learning curves… that I have to take the time and tell you how grateful I am to the Fates.

Not all was fun, nevertheless I think you have outdone yourself if that is possible.

The year started with a big loss, Merlin Stone passed away in January. This was  a shock because most of us didn’t even know where she lived, she has dropped off our radar many years ago. In a way it was good to find out that she was with us all this time, but also that she was very ill and in pain. Her passing however painful was a blessing. I don’t wish long life on anybody who is in horrific pain as she was.

Bobbie, my wife, and I have decided that we take the Goddess flag from this strong and important spirit, and carry on her memory and  Goddess message.

Right after this loss, my little black Puli girl one day just refused to eat. For a Puli dog, this means the end. She was 12 years old, a respectable age for dogs her size. I put her down when it seemed like that’s what she wanted. They tell you in so many ways. My heart is broken ever since, I am huge animal/dog lover, and the walks we have taken together in the cemetery park became very lonely without her. I felt her spirit for a while when we started up the car to the park, I felt her behind me. I even talked to her, sometimes I could have sworn she rubbed against my feet .But now her presence had faded, and I think she has moved on. That hurts double .

We made plans to collect as many interviews from other Goddess  feminists about Merlin Stone as we humanly could. We started in the spring, with Susan Weed, on her farm where I am teaching now almost annually.

On the other side of the Catskill Mountains we found my other long time friend Carol Clement, artist, now full time organic farmer.  She was looking good, living her beliefs, earth-centered work, growing food and animals, selling humanly treated food, running her restaurant. She also has a nice husband, but he wasn’t around that trip. Farming requires a lot of errands. I miss Carol, or as we called her in L.A.  “CC”.

We recalled some of our adventures, how we hooked up back in 1974. She just arrived in the city, she told me, and she was looking to something to do. There was a witch trial going on in L.A. She thought she could get a job as a court artist. She attended my trial, where I lost big time, but won nine years after many appeals. Later we met and had a book project together, SELENE the World most Famous Bull Leaper, which is now back in print via Amazon. There was nothing out back then for young girls to relate to, to be strong, and victorious.

As we pulled away in the car, I saw her face a little sad, she gave up her art for becoming a farmer. Love that CC. She is true blue! (thump on the heart with my hand.) She walks the walk. Her place is called Heatheridge Farm, she is getting very good write ups and you need a reservation to be there and eat.

I was grateful to feel her presence at this later time in our lives. I often go to her website just to see how the livestock is doing. There she is delivering little lambs, talking to her guard llamas who drive away intruders. Next time I make more time to hang with her.

My other long time friend Joan Nixon scooped up us and drove us around in NYC for the rest of the interviews. Then there was the  relentless summer heat of the city. And each day had become hotter than the one before. We gasped for air, yearned for air conditioned spaces.

A highlight in our journey, we met and interviewed the legendary Gloria Steinem. I adore this woman, and I felt like a schoolgirl in her cool apartment. She lives in the upper east side, as she should, in a two story attended by soft spoken sari clad ladies from India .Gloria  was not a religionist. I think she still isn’t, but after forty years she did see the importance of the Goddess Movement in feminism. Our paths have crossed  several times in the past. She came though L.A. when she launched Ms Magazine. The fledgling Women’s Center called her up and complained that while she gets a hefty honorarium from the University to give a talk about feminism, the local women’s center, the practice of feminism is struggling to make the rent each month. Our sister Gloria generously said to send somebody to talk about the center. We can have the podium after she has finished, and she will donate to the Women’s Center $5oo dollars. That was a sum enough for two months rent!

I was dispatched to give my first public speech at the University (I have forgotten which one), and then fork over the money to the Center as promised.

Gloria and Ms. Sloan finished their magnificent speech, big applause followed and the audience started to leave. I wasn’t introduced. I took a deep breath and took the stage. All I remember is the back of the people as they started filing out.

I have introduced myself, and must have said something funny because there was a smidgen of laughing, then the audience turned around back, and slowly took their seats again.

I don’t know what I said, probably discussed the immediate issues at the center, personal stuff, like Inez a homeless woman who made phone calls to the Vatican, demanded to speak to the Pope, and we need the money to pay our phone bill. True story. In short, I found my voice as a speaker and found my inborn humor; and talent to be intimate with an audience without fear. It was an awesome gift this opportunity and it has launched me as a feminist speaker. I still have the zeroxed copy of the check Gloria handed me after it. I meant to show it to her to celebrate her awesome blessing on my life, but I didn’t bring it along. I’ll show it to her some other day.

Anyway dearest Goddess, I thank you for letting me finally be part of the greater Feminist Movement, not just a fringe element without the blessing of the legendary Gloria. Now we are official.

And I thank Merlin Stone. Because it was her who unearthed from the libraries of the world the remnants of our Goddess past. We all met “over her” as it were. She gave us back our past, she gave us a global heritage, not owned by any one group, but all women from around the world.

The journey was fast and we have collected more than 30 interviews from different women, some who knew Merlin, some who just felt her influence.

And in the middle of it all we put up our house for sale.

This blog is to be continued. Enough said for now, gratitude for the rest as well.


Glastonbury Goddess Conference with Z


Let’s walk the Freak Road! Let’s dance the Fringe together!

Z Budapest


Register at: http://www.goddessconference.com

Women from all walks of life come together with High Priestess Zsuzsanna Budapest, in a flowing woman-only Dianic circle celebrating our expanding global sisterhood. Beginning with the sacred Dianic purification we enter the circle, commune with our ancestors and our divine selves, lift up a joyous dedication to the Goddess Sedna of the Deep, as we bless all waters inside and outside. Chanting, dancing and strengthening our bonds of sisterhood. We are the flow, we are the ebb. When the women are healed the whole world is healed. Drummers, musical instruments, voices welcome.  Dress comfortably. Come garlanded with something in season, greens or flowers.

Z Budapest is the founder of the Dianic (Feminist) Tradition of Wicca in the USA, initiating the world’s most famous coven, the Susan B. Anthony Coven Number One, which continues to thrive and brings women’s spirituality into mainstream consciousness (SusanBAnthonyCoven.com).

Z has led rituals, lectured, taught classes, given workshops, written articles tirelessly, and published in hundreds of women’s newspapers across the country. She has powerfully influenced many of the future teachers and writers about the Goddess. She is the director of the Women’s Spirituality Forum, a nonprofit organization and Z founded and sponsors the Dianic University’s Goddess College (GoddessCollege.com). Her books include the Holy Book of Women’s Mysteries, Grandmother of Time, Grandmother Moon (http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1460911407). See www.ZBudapest.com.

Venue: The Goddess Hall
Time:  10.00am-4.00pm
Fee: £50/$85/65