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Press Release: Zsuzsanna Budapest Blesses Claudiney Prieto

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Celebrated Author, Psychic, Witch and Founder of the Dianic Tradition Zsuzsanna Budapest Awards Brazilian High Priest, Claudiney Prieto with Blessing

     Santa Cruz, CA, August 11, 2014.  In a decisive move that nullifies the recent accusations of misandry towards her and her Dianic Tradition, Zsuzsanna Budapest has awarded a man, Brazil’s own Claudiney Prieto with a blessing for the work he does within his own Nemorensis Dianic Tradition, while the Dianic Tradition in Budapest’s lineage remains for female-born women and girls.

     As the attacks on feminism continue to grow especially on social media through blogs, Facebook and more, Budapest remains a decidedly a staunch supporter of the “old guard” who championed women’s rights in the 70’s, a feminist Witch, and the doting mother of two sons and a beloved grandson. But as feminists and feminists bloggers maintain all across the country, feminism is not about hating men, but against patriarchy and the “old boys club” that oppresses and seeks to control women’s personal freedoms.

As Z Budapest wrote on her Facebook profile last week:

     “Isis, Astarte, Diana, Hecate, Demeter, Kali, Inanna … All these names mean the same thing … Holy Mother. As women relate to many aspects of the Great Mother, we can expand into all these Goddesses and practice, and include Women’s Mysteries within it.

     I was greatly impressed by Claudiney Prieto in Brazil, who has successfully nurtured an Isis revival. I have blessed him to be a Priest of Isis, which he already is. I saw what he has done and I think he serves the Goddess with his personal leadership. Everybody loves the man. He is dynamite in circle. Such a man with ten years of experience richly deserves the blessing. Both sexes are part of the rituals and sacred plays and always have been. This fits us well. I connect with this because I am also a play write. The original Isis plays have all been translated. It will be great fun creating a religious experience within the medium of theater for this community.

     I thought for the 21st century we should expand into the veneration of Isis, retaining our special women’s space of course. Claudiney respects women’s space even as High Priest. He wouldn’t even think of entering the Women’s Mysteries.

     Although Budapest has embraced Claudiney Prieto for his veneration of the Goddess Isis; she has not abandoned the tenets of her Dianic Tradition that she and so many of her community hold dear. For Budapest and the Dianic tradition, this means that males will continue to be excluded from her rituals of Women’s Mysteries designed for female-born women; this includes the uterine Blood Mysteries.  

Prieto continues to respect the Blood Mysteries. 

    “Even believing that it is time to put an end to this separatism, to let people decide by themselves if they want to gather in groups of women-born only or in mixed ones, granting them the right to call themselves Dianic because Goddess is the center of their worship; I defended Z before Pagans who have several reservations about her because I really understand and respect her restrictions about this issue. This blessing could be the beginning to building dialog, a bridge between the genders.

     Response from the Pagan community as a whole has been supportive towards Budapest’s blessing of Prieto and both variations of Dianism.

     His response, “Our origins are in our own Dianic Tradition, we call ourselves by the name Nemorensis Dianic Tradition. We are Dianics, but we don’t descend from Z’s lineage, we never claimed to and we will never claim it.

      I understand what Z did was just a blessing to me and I have no intention to claim her Dianic lineage or to be part or put men in women-only circles that are sacred to woman-born only.


     Budapest went to Brazil as an honored guest speaker for Prieto’s Conference of Wicca and Goddess Spirituality held in San Paulo, Brazil in August 2014. This year the Goddess being venerated was Isis. Budapest was so moved by this veneration by Prieto and his community, that she bestowed an impromptu blessing on him. As Prieto put it, “A historical, unique and very emotive moment.

     Although there was some initial confusion about the blessing, it was clarified that he was awarded by her as an honoring of his work with the Goddess. His response, “Thank you Zsuzsanna Budapest for all your efforts to maintain the Goddess Religion alive and thank you for choosing me to be the first male to receive this blessing by you. This is an honor to me. I honor you. Blessed Be!

      Budapest honored Prieto and bound him as a priest to the Goddess within the constructs of Prieto’s own Nemorensis Dianic Tradition and not her own Dianic Tradition, which is women-born only. It was a beautiful gift from one Dianic Tradition to another, and cherished by both as they each continue to serve their own diverse spiritual communities.

      Z Budapest is the foremother of the Dianic Tradition (www.zbudapest.com) having been the first to rebirth it from antiquity. Women began to describe Z’s lineage as Feminist Dianic, Feminist Wicca or Dianic Wicca in an effort to honor and maintain sacred space for Women’s Mysteries.

      Claudiney Prieto is the founder of the Dianic Nemorensis Tradition. (www.nemorensis.com.br/english/)  He is a best known as a pagan writer in Brazil and Latin America with 13 books published to his name.

Z Budapest Blog (zbudapest.wordpress.com)
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Z Budapest Blessing Prieto
Z Budapest Blessing Claudiney Prieto

When Wise Vaginas go to Vote

When Wise Vaginas go to vote they will change the country. I am watching the election developments, and every so often hear about some woman whining about this or that, and how they like the GOP and their lies.

Some vaginas are out of their bodies. Some vaginas hear only the siren song of the rich man, and imagine that the rich man cares about them. Its so comforting to believe that you are not abandoned by the party you have been so faithful to all these many years. May be even born into GOP-ness. Its what’s familiar and vaginas like this security.

Some vaginas may be don’t believe that vaginas should be free.

Older women who fought for vagina rights think let the young fight this one on their own. Other vaginas who have grown wise in their aging realize that once a vagina is governed by a group of aging  hypocritical “religious” males, all vaginas are punished.  And this is not what’s American. It is the Taliban reborn right here. Yes the faux Christian Taliban.

Vaginas are not a separate American population, its the CORE of the nation. It is where everybody else is coming from.

Romnesia is rampant. Republicans raped this country for a decade, then pretended that its Obamas fault.

Mitt speaks with positions of multiple choice. He would govern without protecting us, and you vaginas will be in peril, and there would be NO PRINCE coming to rescue you. Just saying. None of the Right Wing Republicans ever says don’t rape. None has made laws or protections for us. In fact, its harder to get help.

Wise vaginas don’t vote in the Tea Party candidates again. Vote out all seven wanna be senators. Vote in the wise vaginas.

Republicans lied to us about creating jobs,… What jobs? “Smaller government” is a lie! As soon as they were in power they rushed to beat up on the rights of vaginas.

Millions of legislations against vaginas. That’s what they came for to beat up on vaginas. They were the army against the freedom of women. This has been in the works since 1973.

What a mistake that was to allow them into power. Woman haters, woman rapists, incesters, and violence against vaginas. All endorsed by the Right Wingers. It is after all, the male God’s will that vaginas  get knocked up by rapists.

I send a potent hex on all those who would mislead us, lie to us, and disrespect vaginas. We don’t need men to  punish us for unwanted  pregnancies. We don’t need government to mess with our vaginas. For every unwanted pregnancy there is a guy who is walking away whistling. No responsibility projected on males at all. Never comes up. It is the true gender loyalty of males. They allow each other to rape. Men band together wrapping themselves into the flag of a male god. It’s his will after all.

Wise vaginas have this last power the vote. No matter what your parents used to vote like, you go out now and vote Democratic. You are a very important target. There are 30 million more female registered voters today than men.

Vaginas unite… like the males united against you. Learn to practice  loyalty to yourselves. Only gender solidarity can rescue us from the power hungry rapist Right Wingers.

Democratic vaginas get together! Now is the time we talked about “We remember in November.

It’s now November.

Will you be there?

Last May I stood in the home of Susan B. Anthony, in her attic that had been converted into workspace. Where she and her apprentices worked tirelessly in preservation of Women’s history. Clearly Susan B. knew to ask the question… Will you be there? Will you remember? Be remembered?

Will you be there sister, when we gather as sacred sisters to mourn and celebrate the life and works of our sister Merlin Stone? Of the others who have also passed. Those women who deserve our remembrance.

Will you have your picture taken? Standing shoulder to shoulder with your sisters? Your words witnessed and recorded for posterity.

Will you be the one who helps maintain the sacred scrolls, the published and unpublished thoughts of the others?

Will you be there?

Will you be the one sitting in the circle, uttering your blessings and tearful memories; not just of one, but through the one… All? http://merlinstone.net/merlin-stone-memorial-florida/

Will you be there?

No one will remember us sisters unless we hold ourselves more dearly.

Our numbers were once in the millions. The Second Wave they called us; after the Suffragists, the First Wave.

We embraced the heritage of our foremothers. We were all there, creating even more for the next generations. Yes, we sent our daughters to universities. They are now endowed with diplomas and confidence, if not quite the equal opportunities.

We were all there.

You were there when you saw the shadows of the long fight, still ongoing. You knew we might not witness all the changes we brought forth; doesn’t fit into one lifetime.

Many of our sisters have left this life; passed on.

Many sisters aged and ill. We don’t even know how many. Who were all alone at death’s door? Who died unexpectedly?

There is no honoring for us from some lofty entity. There’s only you… and me.

There are no Academy Awards for moving history ahead. There are no Oscars for naming the ills we had to overcome.

The monetary awards for Feminists are like a thin vein in the back of the patriarchal vigilance. Some gets through.

There is not even a centralized email list where we can reach all of us at once. The right wingers, enemy of our gender have computerized themselves already in the seventies. We didn’t bother to coalesce. We fought our fights alone, a familiar situation.

Sisterhood escapes for lack of true flow of information. Lack of honoring. Lack of visibility. Dispersed, like seeds in the wind.

Who is left?

Honoring each other is honoring ourselves.

We are worthy. Can we rise as a female gender to this noble cause?

Like we once did? Will you be there?

Stand alongside me. Stand alongside your sisters. This time… be there.


Blessings on you all!

Send me questions … a writer’s lament.

I have written many books, ten of them got published, some are still waiting. But at my age, I am very aware of the fact that I have to write my autobiography (AB) as soon as possible.

As I was looking at my 80+ diaries, I realized that I used my diaries to work out my emotional problems, record lovers quarrels, shyly describe love making. I also put there my media appearances, topics of my researches, parties and addresses I had to find.

Sometimes very important things get just a single line as it was with my Tarot arrest. I simply wrote “busted.” Behind that of course was a storm of activity, meetings that followed, friends came forward, money was raised, and given to attorneys, plans were hatched.

Along the way my personal life was changing. My short three weeks vacation had turned into a lifelong residence in California. And every so often I went back to Budapest to refuel.

Even back then I was already writing my AB, in little snippets. I wrote about my parents to purge them, to understand them better and me in relationship with them. The distance has helped me a lot. I was not an abused child, but I was an ignored child. Since I was also the only child for the first 13 years of my life, you would have thought that would afford me more attention from my parents. Not so. I felt that I was always a burden.

During the war when I was a toddler, during the bombings, I caught every childhood disease there was. I remember the whooping cough as the worst. I used to say between fits of coughing, “Oh my god, this sickness is going to kill me.”  It didn’t.

After the war, my parents just farmed me out to peasant families in the countryside where there was food. Here my life got better. I had for the first time seen a goat and her kid, drank warm goat milk, and picked chamomile flowers for teas all day. I felt productive.

These are pictures that do come independently, imprinted deep in my soul.

A lot of important things just fall away if not asked about it.

But now as I am sitting at my computer, Lady Mac, I wonder how can I recall all of it?

I have already decided that the first five years included everything already that was important for the rest of my life.

And feminism that gave birth and gave me my wings, was really churning between ‘65 and ‘75.  Afterwards it was all backlash, which lasted 40 years now. My 1975 included most of my sowing the seeds of my victories. Not harvesting, no, but 1972/73/74/75 are my essential story; if I want to track my life on feminism.

But is that all that gave meaning to my life? How about the magical evenings on top of the Big Rock Mountain in Malibu?

I am excited about writing my AB when I flash on another episode.

But I am alone. No body is stimulating my mind to recall.

I need you to become my muse. This writing is very much harder than the normal magic books I have written. This is all personal. This I have lived. This I like to tell.

Think… ask me questions you would like to read about in my autobiography. Please. I will take those questions and contemplate them and write them.

Otherwise I don’t know how I’ll get through this highly personal job.


Feminism holds the Goddess in her lap

Where are you sisterhood?
Was it so hard to hold on to each other?
Was it so hard to forgive each other our human flaws?
We disappointed each other because we didn’t turn out to be divine as planned?
Are you once again alone with the struggle?
Making a living while being a woman too difficult?

I know it can be. A woman body is a full time job. Just to be healthy, we need to mind our natural cycles, bleeding every month is not fun. Two weeks tied down with the menstruation, one week pre-tension, then the bloods, and then the waning of the bloods.

Whoever says otherwise is lying. While we balance on high heels, secretly we hope our bloody pad wont move up to our back, or aspire to become shoulder pads. Bleeding is hard work. And it’s expensive. The cost of tampons, pads, the teas, the pills, the loss of joy in life, comes out of our own pockets. We finance a nation’s fertility. Not fair.

The government doesn’t pay women for being fertile, but it pays men to have erections. Viagra is covered in health plans. Birth control for women is not.  Where is the outrage?

The other day I managed to get my hands on a precious old book called, “Handbook of Women’s Liberation” written by Joan Robins. This was the very first book I read when I arrived in Los Angeles written by a contemporary feminist sister. Back then it costs $2.95, today I got it for twenty dollars. But I was so happy it was avaible at all.

In order to hold on to your Goddess consciousness you have to build in your mind a place for her with feminism. This is how she sticks with you through thick and thin.

What’s in the book?

Ms. Robins gives us a quick background on the early feminists, the suffragists from the last century. It’s good to know whose shoulders we are standing on. It’s good to know what they have done right. They organized themselves, set reasonable goals, and were relentless in pursuit of their goals. Unfortunately the narrow goal of the vote was all they could get us in order to change the female social status from chattel to citizen with a vote. This took them 75 years. Only the youngest daughter of Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Harriot Stanton Blatch, lived to see the vote won. Young Alice Paul drafted the Equal Rights Amendment, the very night the women celebrated their right to vote. That law has still not passed.

The short history of where the Second Wave comes from the Civil Rights Movement, and the Peace Movement where women have participated, only to be ordered back to make coffee for the male peaceniks and the black male revolutionaries.

There was a point when the women came to consciousness about how inconsistent that was with the goals they have supported. This is when the women left the movements of the males and created their own. There are wonderful pictures in the back of the book showing us these young faces, just like yours today, marching down on Fifth.

This is the Second Wave that invented the ingenious and effective C.R. Groups, consciousness raising groups, which I think we should reframe and reinvent for this huge wave of generation Z.

How is C.R. Groups different from study groups or discussion groups?

In the C.R. Group, the emphasis is on the personal experiences of each woman. We use what we learn first-hand from each other to politically analyze the status of women. “We wanted to build our own analysis of the conditions of women and from that derive a theory of action,” Robins writes.

I think our oppression certainly changed since 1970 when this book was written, but not so much in essence.

For example in the seventies, two-thirds of women were not employed. Instead we all labored privately; the unpaid labor of housewives’ and genital work (marriages).

Today the workforce is majority female workers, but the country is still run by old white males, who live in the fifties mentally.

Back then, women were not admitted to universities, or just not as many as men, today since admittance finally changed into merit based decisions, 75 percent of women comprise the student body in all collages and universities. Wahoo!

So we can pat ourselves on the shoulders, good work! Education is the key to liberation. Education is the key to independence. The key to human-hood for women. And we got it!

But here is a list what we have not dealt with yet, and these are huge problems.

Male supremacy:
This is the active behavior of men to hurt women. It starts in elementary school, and lasts a lifetime of anti-female propaganda. In our times, it’s very sophisticated, but hidden or not, its worse then ever before.

First we thought that only a few men, not capitalism was the culprit, who benefit from women’s unpaid labor. But male chauvinism is a cultural belief that males are superior to women. Most male god religions endorse this. Southern Baptists for example, President Carter just has written a letter of why he quit the church over their ingrained sexims.The Taliban teach the same thing, different male god … same oppression for us. Taliban kills us if we talk to a boy who’s not our relative; not long ago in Europe the church killed for six hundred years long women for witchcraft. Once accused, the women never came home again.

It’s a self-entitlement to feel superior to women, to make women serve and benefit males. Financially, in sex trades, children are the next target; born to poor mothers, men sell children to each other for sex and free labor. All men derive benefits from this enslavement of women, not just the pimps and johns, but the good men who do nothing culturally to control their brothers.

Back when Robins wrote her book, women could not foresee how to get out from under. But as herstory shows us, the collective female energies converged quite naturally and choose to go through the cracks of the doors that the Second Wave has opened for us.

What has become the norm are the personal solutions. We used to scuff at personal solutions versus the collective solutions, but in retrospect I think the female principle was right to fix our status with education first.

We are just not ready to attack the rest of the problems.

We tasted little of the return of the collective solution when we have voted for Hillary Clinton. She did get 180 million votes. That’s a good chunk of approval from women with jobs. Now if we just contemplate the Pro-Woman line, the bearers of the new society.

Blame. If we just stopped blaming each other and victims of violence, and see all women … the talented and the slow, the beautiful and the homely, the fat and the skinny, the PhD and the high school drop outs, the pregnant and the barren. We are all connected in the web of life. When you walk down the street, men don’t look at you and say, there goes a PhD. educated women. They still just see a female, any female, vulnerable.

Wake up and stay awake! Speak up wherever you are. Form the new C.R. Groups. So much work still needs to be done.

Dianic Feminist Wicca Founder on Hex Education

I’m on the radio this Sunday with the good folks from Salem’s Hex Education. Should be a good chat as the witches of the east meet up with the witch of the west. Who knows where this conversation will go?!!

Christian and Lori are honored and excited to welcome Z. Budapest to Hex Education! Dianic Feminist Wicca Founder and Women’s Spirituality Movement Foremother, Z. Budapest is at the top of any Who’s Who list in the Craft. Her first book was The Feminist Book Of Light and Shadows, later retitled The Holy Book Of Women’s Mysteries. This was followed by The Grandmother of Time, Godmother Moon, and Goddess In The Office; at least one of these books is probably in your library! In 1974, she was arrested for fortune telling as a result of reading tarot cards, and that lead to her being the last person to be tried for witchcraft in the United States. This is a rare opportunity to hear from one of the true pioneers of the Craft!