Crone’s Musings

Living in the countryside flanked with raspberries and chives, scented air from the strawberries, as a few red tomatoes roll off the truck ahead of me as I drive. I have never lived in a small town, except for summers a week at a time. Now I live in “old town” where nobody leaves their houses much and the traffic is thin like our hair.

I used to miss Oakland; as I once missed L.A., as I once missed Long Island and Manhattan. Vienna. Innsbruck. And as I always miss Budapest.

I miss my magical circles with my friends. I have no girl friends here to help me shop, hang out, and watch the stupid TV shows.

Book reading is slipping away. I used to read a book a week. Now I leaf through books. I’m impatient, my attention span has shrunk like my sweaters.

And now I miss blogging. Don’t really know how to load it up. I need a nerd to guide me.

I feel there is a rise in the hunger for Women’s Spirituality again. When the political climate turns on women, led by old impotent angry males we witches must rise to the occasion.

Times are the worst I have ever seen for heterosexual women who need to see doctors for many reasons. Abortion is one. Seven states have closed their clinics for women. The last Texas clinic closed again.

The South is armed and dangerous, men showing off their weapons, waiting to be challenged. They kill black boys just to be able to use their second amendment rights.

When men own a basement full of weapons, you know they want to play (fetish) with them; shoot them for real, not just look at them.

Women are abused and forced to be mothers, only to be abandoned after the birth of the child. Many commit suicide. Many abort on their own and die. Strong men of national sports beat their wives and fiancées unconscious, lie about it until the electronic eye that is everywhere captures the scene. Then we are all aghast. Really all?

We are Not living in a democracy, nor in a civilization. This nation shames mothers. You who shame women … you shame your own origins. You who dehumanize women … you have dehumanized yourself because its she who put you together cell-by-cell, you ungrateful child.

Civilization is when there is a communal agreement to be civil. The streets must be safe for women and children, ours are not. Haven’t been a long time. USA has slipped into a state of being a third world country.

I wish pagans could coalesce around some human rights issues. Or ecology issues. Protecting the Goddess and her children should be number one. We should speak up about the name of ISIS. Our gracious Goddess name should not be used wrongly to name terrorists. ISEL is the real name. Not ISIS. Learn it Rachael Maddow!

I perform political spells on occasion. Its no secret. This last Goddess Festival we hexed war.

“Let war die!” We pleaded with the Mother of All. Let war die. Let the lust for war wane. Let the communal spirit see how wars are obsolete.

Let the people understand that wars only generate new wars. New wars perpetuate male rule. Wars are business for the few. Death for the many.

They are heartbreak for the mothers on both sides. All wars are against women. Rape is a perk of wars. Then after wars the perks remain as a normal right of males. Women must protest loudly. This is not a time of passivity.

Hellenism had a lot of rapes in their mythology. Zeus doesn’t  seem to get laid any other way but rape and trickery. Takes on shapes like golden showers, a bull, mist, and even the image of a beloved woman  to fool a reluctant lesbian Goddess such as Artemis. Zeus has no children by Hera his “wife.”

The lesson is that the gods come and go. Gods are made up by people, and often it is those same people who profit from their creation.