When Wise Vaginas go to Vote

When Wise Vaginas go to vote they will change the country. I am watching the election developments, and every so often hear about some woman whining about this or that, and how they like the GOP and their lies.

Some vaginas are out of their bodies. Some vaginas hear only the siren song of the rich man, and imagine that the rich man cares about them. Its so comforting to believe that you are not abandoned by the party you have been so faithful to all these many years. May be even born into GOP-ness. Its what’s familiar and vaginas like this security.

Some vaginas may be don’t believe that vaginas should be free.

Older women who fought for vagina rights think let the young fight this one on their own. Other vaginas who have grown wise in their aging realize that once a vagina is governed by a group of aging  hypocritical “religious” males, all vaginas are punished.  And this is not what’s American. It is the Taliban reborn right here. Yes the faux Christian Taliban.

Vaginas are not a separate American population, its the CORE of the nation. It is where everybody else is coming from.

Romnesia is rampant. Republicans raped this country for a decade, then pretended that its Obamas fault.

Mitt speaks with positions of multiple choice. He would govern without protecting us, and you vaginas will be in peril, and there would be NO PRINCE coming to rescue you. Just saying. None of the Right Wing Republicans ever says don’t rape. None has made laws or protections for us. In fact, its harder to get help.

Wise vaginas don’t vote in the Tea Party candidates again. Vote out all seven wanna be senators. Vote in the wise vaginas.

Republicans lied to us about creating jobs,… What jobs? “Smaller government” is a lie! As soon as they were in power they rushed to beat up on the rights of vaginas.

Millions of legislations against vaginas. That’s what they came for to beat up on vaginas. They were the army against the freedom of women. This has been in the works since 1973.

What a mistake that was to allow them into power. Woman haters, woman rapists, incesters, and violence against vaginas. All endorsed by the Right Wingers. It is after all, the male God’s will that vaginas  get knocked up by rapists.

I send a potent hex on all those who would mislead us, lie to us, and disrespect vaginas. We don’t need men to  punish us for unwanted  pregnancies. We don’t need government to mess with our vaginas. For every unwanted pregnancy there is a guy who is walking away whistling. No responsibility projected on males at all. Never comes up. It is the true gender loyalty of males. They allow each other to rape. Men band together wrapping themselves into the flag of a male god. It’s his will after all.

Wise vaginas have this last power the vote. No matter what your parents used to vote like, you go out now and vote Democratic. You are a very important target. There are 30 million more female registered voters today than men.

Vaginas unite… like the males united against you. Learn to practice  loyalty to yourselves. Only gender solidarity can rescue us from the power hungry rapist Right Wingers.

Democratic vaginas get together! Now is the time we talked about “We remember in November.

It’s now November.