Will you be there?

Last May I stood in the home of Susan B. Anthony, in her attic that had been converted into workspace. Where she and her apprentices worked tirelessly in preservation of Women’s history. Clearly Susan B. knew to ask the question… Will you be there? Will you remember? Be remembered?

Will you be there sister, when we gather as sacred sisters to mourn and celebrate the life and works of our sister Merlin Stone? Of the others who have also passed. Those women who deserve our remembrance.

Will you have your picture taken? Standing shoulder to shoulder with your sisters? Your words witnessed and recorded for posterity.

Will you be the one who helps maintain the sacred scrolls, the published and unpublished thoughts of the others?

Will you be there?

Will you be the one sitting in the circle, uttering your blessings and tearful memories; not just of one, but through the one… All? http://merlinstone.net/merlin-stone-memorial-florida/

Will you be there?

No one will remember us sisters unless we hold ourselves more dearly.

Our numbers were once in the millions. The Second Wave they called us; after the Suffragists, the First Wave.

We embraced the heritage of our foremothers. We were all there, creating even more for the next generations. Yes, we sent our daughters to universities. They are now endowed with diplomas and confidence, if not quite the equal opportunities.

We were all there.

You were there when you saw the shadows of the long fight, still ongoing. You knew we might not witness all the changes we brought forth; doesn’t fit into one lifetime.

Many of our sisters have left this life; passed on.

Many sisters aged and ill. We don’t even know how many. Who were all alone at death’s door? Who died unexpectedly?

There is no honoring for us from some lofty entity. There’s only you… and me.

There are no Academy Awards for moving history ahead. There are no Oscars for naming the ills we had to overcome.

The monetary awards for Feminists are like a thin vein in the back of the patriarchal vigilance. Some gets through.

There is not even a centralized email list where we can reach all of us at once. The right wingers, enemy of our gender have computerized themselves already in the seventies. We didn’t bother to coalesce. We fought our fights alone, a familiar situation.

Sisterhood escapes for lack of true flow of information. Lack of honoring. Lack of visibility. Dispersed, like seeds in the wind.

Who is left?

Honoring each other is honoring ourselves.

We are worthy. Can we rise as a female gender to this noble cause?

Like we once did? Will you be there?

Stand alongside me. Stand alongside your sisters. This time… be there.


Blessings on you all!