On my 71st Birthday … My Bucket List

I am grateful for every one of these years.

Thank you my Mother, long gone from this earth, made it only till 63. Her sister, Titi, she lived till 88. These two women raised me. Blessings on their memory.

Mother taught me magic, Titi taught me common sense. The two Piscean sisters raised this Aquarian.

I was born on the Feast Day of Pax, once in antiquity a very popular holyday, peace marches, everybody on the streets carrying symbols of peace, herbs, palms. I feel this energy, I hate war. Who doesn’t you ask, but many see war as a great business. Many make money from weapons, bullets, guns and fear mongering.

Politics has touched my life directly even as I was born. WWII broke out the next year, and from then on I didn’t live with my parents but with strangers in the countryside because only they had food to eat. The city, Budapest, was starving. Grandmother died of starvation.

Our apartment was bombed down by American carpet bombers.

We had one three-legged green chair left from the entire past.

Now I am an American. I see how this country can be fooled into wars, bamboozled into believing in false enemies.

I have devoted my life to build up women. Women are the peaceniks of history. There is no mother who asks her kids to kill or be killed.

I believed if the spirit is alive and well in women they will think of ways to create peace on earth. It’s not just a postcard at Christmas; it’s a way of life.

Bringing back a women’s spiritual culture was my strategy. When women have their own culture back, they can continue this bending of human minds out of the past and into a peaceful future.

This has worked!

Women love their culture, and straight and gay women together have been circling on the Goddess’s lap, spreading their influence like they should, carried by the winds of change.

If I live long enough I may see more and more the positive impact on the larger collective consciousness. Let it be!

I have a bucket list.

Before my life runs out, I would like to have a volunteer writer’s assistant who can look after my writing projects so they get on the computer and e-books and etc. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

I have comedy scripts in me, movies, TV cartoons, with somebody with me I could create an entire new 21st century women’s culture.

And I want a devoted agent for my works, a successful advocate for women’s culture who sells the works to TV. I’d like to make money as well before I die. Real money. Hollywood money.

Bucket list item: I’d like to develop my voice again, I like to be able to take singing lessons. I miss singing.

Item: I would like to get grants for my non-profit, Women’s Spirituality Forum. I financed it myself for many years. We did have some wealthy sisters give us money, (thank you Marli, M.V Divine and Karen) but that’s just sheer luck. I would like to have enough money in the WSF funds, that I can keep my own; and wealthy donors can tax deduct what they give. I like to see the Goddess Gatherings supported by donor’s money, so we can have lower prices for women to come and attend.

Grant writers who actually have contacts, are part of my bucket list.

All the Grant write ups in the Foundations books have the word women in them, but when we applied, we didn’t even get a response.

Before I die, I want this to change. Foundations should stop spreading their money around amongst their friends. Open up that purse and give to women, not just the totally damaged, but the gifted as well. Not just for bread, but for roses too.

One distant dream is a women’s creative spiritual community, like a Dianic nunnery. I need for that, a group of women to manifest a peaceful creative place for me and others to retire to. But not isolated.

I lived in Oakland 40 years, longer then anywhere else in the world.

I am looking for a new place, with no steep stairs, near a swimming pool, trees, and good air.

On this note I send the Goddess my gratitude, thank you for the privilege to be alive on this freakishly beautiful planet.

I thank you to those who sent me over two thousand well wishes, I feel your love and I know I live in your hearts even when I am no longer amongst you.

Let’s lift our chalice! Drink the cup to the bottom.

To life!