Divina et Femina IV

Divina et Femina IV

Call for Submissions

May 27-30, 2011, Ottawa, Ontario

This is the fourth in a series of international conferences dedicated to the exploration of the female divine. Sponsored by the Canadian Centre for the Study of Women and Religion at the University of Ottawa (Canada), it is under the direction of Dr. Lucie Marie-Mai DuFresne. Divina et Femina IV seeks to bring together researchers, artists, and practitioners exploring the themes of the female divine, priestesshood, women’s creation, experience and expression of the divine.

The special focus of this year’s conference is the influence of Z Budapest’s work and thought on the development of contemporary women’s spirituality, feminist witchcraft, goddess worship, thealogy, and gynocentric art.

Submissions may include though are not limited to scholarly presentations, performances, rituals, poetry, visual and other art, and audio and multimedia presentations. Divina et Femina IV seeks to broaden common conceptions of women’s spirituality through the presentation and publication of material that honours multiple ways of knowing. In this spirit, we embrace diversity in both subject matter and methodology. We seek submissions that add to the rich and complex wisdom of women’s spirituality, providing a necessary forum for important discourse in this growing field.

Submissions may address a wide range of submissions related to women’s spirituality, including such such topics as:

  • feminista / womanist / feminist interpretations of spiritual traditions, literature and / or art;
  • personal experiences within spiritual traditions;
  • the impact of women’s spirituality on one’s relationship to self / body / Earth;
  • creative expression of one’s spirituality;
  • spiritual activism;
  • interdisciplinary work with a spiritual or woman-centered emphasis;
  • philosophical explorations

Submissions may be made in either French or English.
Deadline for submissions: September 15, 2010
Submissions should be sent to:

    Dr. Lucie Marie-Mai DuFresne
    Canadian Centre for Research on Women and Religion
    Dept. of Classics and Religious Studies
    Arts 102
    University of Ottawa
    70 Laurier Avenue East
    Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
    K1N 6N5

    tel 613 562-5714 /613 562-5714
    fax 613 562-5991

For more information, contact: Dr. Lucie Marie-Mai DuFresne