When is it YOUR TURN?

Festival or not. What we take from each other and what we keep.

Some women say I have no money to treat myself and my soul for an uplifting spiritual experience. True. There is tighter money now. But you woke up this morning, and you are well and you have something to eat, you have roof over your head and have something to wear.

You are successful.

Somebody tells you they need your resources. You think to yourself, he needs me. He needs my money. He comes first. I have something; I’ll support him because I love him or because he is my husband, or son.

Your daughter needs you too, and you give to her as well. And all these resources you have given away so generously without thinking will never come back to you.

When is it your turn?

You are not too young anymore. You are mature. Your needs are mature. When is it your turn?

Who feeds your hunger? Do you support them? Do you give back to yourself at all?

Yet you are lonely and exhausted. You work so hard, and you give it all away. You are a good person. Is that really enough?

At the end what we take with us is experiences, the memories of the divine. Do you have enough? Did the Great Spirit fill up your hunger? Did you smell the redwoods? Did you hear the ocean?  Did you just love yourself?

If you died tomorrow, are you a rich soul on your journey? Or just a suffering deprived worker, who was never number one? Was your life a donation? Does this feel good enough to you? You have been given away everything keeping nothing, not even a biannual women’s gathering is not possible for you while you are alive?

I say stop!

Your life is NOT a donation. You deserve to have a weekend every two years when you are a Holy Woman, not somebody who is a resource for everybody else.

We have kept our path strong. WE endure poverty gladly, because our soul is promoting the future. Join us. Take your life seriously! Take your spiritual needs seriously!

Get yourself registered now. Ride your own passion. WE only live once.

Gather the pleasure of your company. Share your joy with sisters. Look deep into the mirror of womanhood.

We have 200 beds to offer.  One of those is yours.

Blessed be,
Z Budapest