Dianic Feminist Wicca Founder on Hex Education

I’m on the radio this Sunday with the good folks from Salem’s Hex Education. Should be a good chat as the witches of the east meet up with the witch of the west. Who knows where this conversation will go?!!

Christian and Lori are honored and excited to welcome Z. Budapest to Hex Education! Dianic Feminist Wicca Founder and Women’s Spirituality Movement Foremother, Z. Budapest is at the top of any Who’s Who list in the Craft. Her first book was The Feminist Book Of Light and Shadows, later retitled The Holy Book Of Women’s Mysteries. This was followed by The Grandmother of Time, Godmother Moon, and Goddess In The Office; at least one of these books is probably in your library! In 1974, she was arrested for fortune telling as a result of reading tarot cards, and that lead to her being the last person to be tried for witchcraft in the United States. This is a rare opportunity to hear from one of the true pioneers of the Craft!



One thought on “Dianic Feminist Wicca Founder on Hex Education”

  1. Dear Z,

    I can´t wait for your amazing chat about “HEX AND THE CITY”! LOL

    “If you can´t hex, you can´t heal”.

    I´m going to miss it for nothing!

    Blessings to Wimmin´s Supporters

    Hexings to Wimmin´s Harmers

    And Love, Peace and Freedom to All Wimmin and the Goddess

    )O( Aphrodisiastes )O(


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