I am back!

I am back!

Oh what a feeling! I have come home from the hospital about two weeks ago. It takes that much time to reconnect with yourself. In the hospital I was just a patient. I made some good connections with a couple of nurses and cleaning ladies. They saw my small grotto of the Lady of the Guadalupe, commented on it, ‘Oh she is my saint too” said one of the Rns.

Little-by-little the staff became aware that I am a Goddess worshipper. It takes one to know one. My six weeks in room 4492 crawled first, then suddenly it was almost done, and then it was.

I came away with very high opinions on some drugs, others I didn’t take, none of the so called narcotics. I tried them, but felt lobotomized next day.

The hip was fine. I could easily walk on my crutches. And late at night when things were quiet, I would walk the halls doing my laps before bed.

I started a new way to pray; now I just hum and sing, a tune comes in, then I make up words to fit it in. It soothes me better then the repetitious prayers I learned in my childhood.

My Bobbie grew a huge zucchini in the time I was away. We had it for supper twice.  I eat a lot of berries and cantaloupes, the cherry season has come and almost gone, but the huge Bing cherries from Washington are coming to the stores. My inner flora is restored almost. The six weeks twice a day antibiotic drip wiped out my apatite, and every living organism that wasn’t nailed down in my system.

The goddess answered my prayers about finding a private water place to strengthen my muscles.  Patricia was in the same room at the first hospital, where the surgeries are done. She offered me her ever-swim pool. I have never seen one in real life. I visited her last week, and wow! The ever-swim is huge, you swim against a current, and she had a hot tub right next to the pool. So I have somewhere to go, after I come home from my trip to Madison.

All-in-all the summer is here, I am working feverishly on three projects, thankful for the chance to walk again.

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2 thoughts on “I am back!”

  1. Blessed Z, Enoy the sweet cherries of LIFE as you always do!!! And love & protection & magick with you on your trip to Madison. May it be a good journey, not arduous.


  2. I am very happy for you, my dear Z. You´re at home again and recoreving well. 🙂 It´s a nice news! I have you and Bobbie on my prayers, always! May the Goddess of Healing Flowing Waters bless you and your way with Health and Peace!

    Blessings from your Dianic Daughter

    )O( Aphrodisiastes )O(


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