Praises for the Working Woman

It’s very hard to find quoted material that praises the working woman. Let’s enrich this derth of literature by creating honest to goodness praises for different professions or generally working women.

For example, give praises to you for your job that you are doing well.

Women must lift each other up. Nobody is praising us if we don’t. Praises are like rain on the seed. Praises are psychic currency equal to gold. Look around and if you find it in literature, collect it for me please and bring it here … post it as a comment.

If you don’t find anything, sit yourself down, take a deep breath and praise a woman with an honest heart … “praises are beyond compliments.”

All women work! We are the glue of society. Where are the praises for our universal achievements?!!

3 thoughts on “Praises for the Working Woman”

  1. Blessings Sweet Z!

    Geez, I did a search and found nothing but anti-working women articles and such but nothing in regards to praises for the working woman. It’s like you said Z, “Nobody is praising us if we don’t.” I guess that means we better start writing those articles in praise of working women and so forth!!

    Hail to the working women!!

    Goddess Love and Light,

    Aura )O(


  2. I worked in the teaching field for twenty years. Nobody in the administration praised the teachers. Every comment was criticism or need for improvement. The teachers underwent strenuous beurocratic evaluations every two years. Rarely did they receive a positive stroke in the write-up. They escaped censure, that was enough, to make a positive evaluation. I spent my tyme with ten teachers as an encourager, praising them, listening to their woes, their daily efforts and sweats, and as a Virgo in Her Service, was told I was the only one who uplifted them. We women need teamwork together and to hang together. We only have each other. It is a pity!!! But it is part of the patriarchal glass ceiling, to keep us in the ghetto of female enslavement. Low self-esteem equals low pay, equals scapegoat in the office.


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