Goddess magazine for Dianic Wicca

Goddess magazine for Dianic Wicca: http://issuu.com/zbudapest/docs/goddess

I am only 7 more days in the hospital before I get to go back home. Home! I miss it!!! Six weeks in the hospital was a long vacation from reality, but soon I am back in the swing of things.

I am very much looking forward to doing tarot readings again! Touching my sacred cards, smelling the sweet scent of amber oil and speaking with women in search of themselves. Blessed be!

My you enjoy sacredness today,


2 thoughts on “Goddess magazine for Dianic Wicca”

  1. So Happy for you making such good progress, beloved Z!!! Am looking forward to your sweet-smelling hands touching those good Tarot cards for me in July if you feel so led. . . excited and happy for you to get well!!


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