I’m a TV Junkie

In order to distract myself from my early morning antibiotic drip, I watch Desperate Housewives reruns back-to-back. DH used to fascinate me when they were new, mostly because of the fashions the women were wearing. Nobody looked like a housewife even in an  upper class neighborhood. So, it’s value is pure fantasy. The only character that has realistic lines to say or life to live is played by Felicity Hoffman. Who is the most believable.

Even in this fantasy setting, I can almost hear the writer’s jam sessions as they gestate and produce the character story lines. Which amuses me! I hear gay guys talking to each other; very similar voices as I heard in Sex in the City. Are these the same writers? Michael Cherrie is.

Among the reality shows, Wife Swap was a pleasant surprise. They pick very diverse women who go and live in each other’s houses for two weeks. The second week, the women get to set the rules and everyone must obey them. What I see the producers project to the audience is an expose … class differences cannot be crossed … the very rich and the very poor don’t mix at all, but the religious and the sports freaks, the messy and the tidy come to some common ground easier.

Underlying all these shows is a subtle male bashing. Most husbands are portrayed as insensitive, lazy, often fat and disgusting. In addition to that we have, Family Guy, American Dad and The Simpsons replayed the same theme . The wives always forgiving and loving them for no sane reason.

All these shows are directed to female audiences; a subtle venting of female rage by getting entertained with this shared understanding. For women who are not filled with unexpressed rage, but yearn for some entertainment without putting someone down … there is nothing on TV for them to watch … maybe the Animal Planet?!

Male bashing pays!