I like this Holyday. This time the Xians didn’t even bother to hide the old pagan symbols, as they have attempted for xmas for example.

We have the rabbit, a symbol of fertility, and good luck. I used to eat rabbit when I lived in Hungary.

We have the many colored eggs! Eggs are the symbols of new beginnings, and are the rich source of protein. Coloring them however puzzled me. Why make them colored? Or painted? Decorated with magic symbols?

Ah, I get it. We write on eggs like a spell. We want love, we dip them in red paint, green for money etc. The magical symbols that almost every European country is famous for, are all about prayers, via eggs.

But in Hungary there is the no longer appreciated Locsolkodas. This is a custom imitating the act of fertilization, a boy comes to the door, you have never laid eyes on him before, he holds a small bottle of cheap perfume and insists to spray the stuff on you. Women often hate this. You smell like the sewers after a few of these visitors.

The girls give them an egg, and alcohol to drink. The boys get snookered. No wonder this custom still lives. They also get money.
Then they move on and “fertilize” other girls.